Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Epics, DPS report, and Fury DPS Rotation Breakdown

I promised yesterday I would post a Screenshot if I ever get a 2H weapon.

Well here it is!

Don't mind the roasted pig on the left =). After a month of waiting for a 2H to drop I finally was able to get replacement for my sub par weapons.

I got the following loots last night

Armageddon - pretty nice 2H. This is really not the ideal Main hand for fury warriors as we want Slow/Slow combo but this one was a great pick up nevertheless.

Inevitable Defeat - more of a DK tanking weapon IMO but again another big upgrade so I took it anyway.

I picked this one up from the trash to Noth a few minutes after I got Armageddon.

Crude Discolored Battlegrips - got this one from patchwerk. I will lose 4pc bonus next raid when I do wear it but I gain more stats.

Grim Troll - Beast Trinket. This one procs alot and I mean alot. My armor ignore goes up to 50%+ when this trinket procs and I like it. Plus the hit allowed me to swapped in 16hit for 16str gem.

With all these gear changes I ended up not being expertise cap for dodge. So I went thru all my gems again and I found that I'm way over hit cap for specials.

I changed another 16hit gem into a 8expertise/8hit gem. Turned out I was exactly at the cap at 4.5% + 2%(from talent) ignore dodge.

DPS Report

Well we were all pumped cause we were getting ready to get the Immortal title but something went wrong at Patchwerk that killed almost all of melee.

Some F*ing genius decided to shrink Patchwerk. By doing that he shrunk the boss' hit box which in turn made him kill all nearby melee!

After that the next 2 hours of the run would turn into a lag fest.

You know it's bad when Thaddius take's 5 sec to cast Polarity shift and then another 5 to wait for your debuff to show up. He went on to Enrage and for some miracle 2-3 people lived to finish the job. It was messy but we were glad it's over.

Me and SPQR(other TG Warrior) were trading wins in the DPS races.

Here are a couple of SS I took last night

This was from Loatheb

This one is from Kelthuzad

I was 3rd but check out my DPS. I was at 4k. My hits were all critting like crazy during the last 20 sec.

For the rest of the bosses we were pretty even. Sometimes I would pass him sometimes he would do the same. It would be interesting to see the results next week with my new gemmed and enchanted gear, my weapons(the new ones) didn't have an enchant but they were still better than the ones I was using.

Which brings up another thing, Enchants. The weapons that I have looted are not top end weapons in the game right now. So I'm not gonna put berserking on both of them.

I plan on putting the old Mongoose/+85 AP combo from my old weapons. Now I just need to look up the mats again.

I think the leadership decided to do Naxx on another day besides Tuesday to avoid another lagfest which I think is a good move.

Fury DPS Rotation

Well there is no magic here really. I should have taken SS of recount on all bosses for my personal DPS breakdown but I tend to forget after I pick up my emblem.

I do BT>WW>Slam if up>HS till BT is up>Heroic Throw when everything else is down.

I can't say I'm 100% disciplined on that rotation, which I should but sometimes I use Slam even though I'm suppose to hit WW cause my Bloodthirst crit. Then sometimes I would hit another special causing the use of BT/WW delays which results in lower DPS.

When Bloodlust is called

I pop my trinket(s) as soon as BT and WW is on CD.

I use recklessness during the duration of Bloodlust but sometimes I vary it

Sometimes I would just use it after a Bloodlust then do BT-Slam-WW combo with all of them being a guaranteed crit.

There are times though when I use Recklessness with the boss having less than 20%. I would include Execute in that combo. A guaranteed 12-14k crit is pretty awesome sometimes.

What I'm still trying to figure out is timing my executes w/o Reck. Sometimes I would get lucky on execute crits. When they do it's awesome. If not I tend to get rage starve and my dps goes lower.

I think I'll just stick to my rotation and use Executes instead of Heroic Strikes. Next week I'll be sure to take SS of breakdowns of my DPS.

Well there it is.

Another exciting night from WoW Raiding. Our next raid isn't scheduled till Sunday/Monday for Sartharion with 3 drakes up.

EDIT: I also got this achievement last night


Anonymous said...

Holy shoot! When people talk about not touching things with a ten foot pole, I think they're referring to that thing. Nice!

Anonymous said...

Is that a big sword or are you just happy to see me?

Gratz man!

Anonymous said...

now when u said "Heroic Throw when everything else is down." does that mean that u stance dance? or am i mistaken and u can use Heroic Throw when in zerker stance? I really need help with me war so yea just asking questions around