Monday, December 8, 2008

Bind on Account Items FAQ

What do you do when you got all the upgrades you can get from the Emblem Gear Vendor?

Buy Legacy Items(Bind on account items)!

Ever since I hit 80 I've tank enough heroics to get emblems for my DPS gear (lolwut?). I've been lucky enough to get tank gear from Naxx so no need to spend emblems there.

So far I've bought DPS trinket(40 emblems), DPS Chest(80 emblems). DPS gloves(60?), DPS necklace(25) and the latest one was the Legacy DPS leather shoulder(40) for my feral druid.

All my next purchase will be these Legacy items.

How much do Bind on account items cost?

2H Weapons(2H axe, staff and bow) cost 65 Emblems of Heroism

Armors, trinket and 1H weapons cost 40 Emblems of heroism.


Is there enough variety to choose from?

There are no class specifics but there is enough to get at least 1-2 items per class. Example would be there is no Feral druid staff ... but the DPS leather shoulders I bought are good enough =). Next would be the trinket.

And then when I log on a different alt I can just send the item to another alt that would use them.

How good are these items?

Well these items scale according to the character's level, so when you level up they also level up! I've compared the shoulders to the rewards from my quest and they just totally blow them away. When I head to Northrend I will do some screenshots comparing my shoulders to green and blue items.

The armor items has a bonus of 10% extra experience gained from kiling monsters

This is a total winner right here.

How do I send them?

Easy enough. Just mail them!

Can you Enchant them?

No you cannot.

Is there any other way to get Legacy items?

Yes there is. You can purchase other legacy items by spending Stonekeepers Shard. You can only get stonekeepers shard from heroics IF your faction controls Wintergrasp.

If you plan to go this route. The vendor is at Wintergrasp, same vendor as the black mammoth mount.

I wouldn't be surprised if Blizzard added more Bind on Account items. I can imagine myself buying all of them soon ^_^. Leveling alts would have never been easier =P.

If you have any more question regarding this subject please feel free to comment or send me an e-mail.

EDIT: I just checked last night and trinkets and armor don't have the same requirements. Please check the vendor again before making any plans.


Warcraftecon said...

These are interesting items, would a level 1 be able to use them? Not that anyone is crazy enough to gear up their bank alts with Heirloom items, but would be the ultimate status symbol for one.

Great blog btw, I like how your a raider that covers endgame conent.

Dorgol said...

Just to clarify:

You can enchant Heirloom items, but only with enchants that don't have a level requirement. Crusader is OK, Mongoose is not.

And to the comment above - yes, a level 1 can equip them. A buddy of mine is leveling a rogue with 2 (soon 4) heirloom items. Seeing a level 7 wearing shoulder armor is kinda weird.

Herc said...

Very few bloggers blog about end game content that's why I decided to write about it.

You'll see some hey look at me! post but it's part of the job =)

Hmm I didn't know that you can enchant crusader on it.