Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Don't turn down a DPS Warrior

It's ok to turn down a poorly geared DPS warrior from time to time but to turn down all dps warriors just because of their class/spec is just rather insulting.

I should have taken SS but I guess you'll have to take my word for it or ask my guildies who I do 5mans with =P.

Last night was the only 2nd time I respec to DPS a heroic. We did a bunch but here's the 2 heroics that I think shows how TG warriors "don't suck" at 5mans.

Heroic Caverns of Time

A guildy was asking for DPS for H CoT. I volunteered. At first he was reluctant but I told him that Fury DPS warriors own.

Ok, the thing was I haven't DPS H CoT as Fury ... only as MS which I did ok. Now I'm thinking "Oh crap now i gotta deliver! hopefully I don't suck".

I was averaging 4000-4400 DPS on bosses.

On the 2nd boss somehow I managed to pull 4890 dps ... The extra adds with low health helped me kept Victory Rush up. Was that cheating? Hell no, it's part of the game mechanics just like mage/lock AOE.

And of course we got the Bronze drake for our drood tank.

Heroic Violet Hold

We 4manned this instance because our rogue didn't get in time when the door closed. I was averaging 4400-4600 dps on bosses. Not bad at all.

Tonight is 25man Naxx and I'm really excited how will I do on Patchwerk, Thaddius and Loatheb. Last week I pulled 3600 DPS on patchwerk as MS warrior.
So before you say "lol what? No we don't need a dps warrior" or something to that effect think again.


Darraxus said...

Pre expansion, out highest DPS was a warrior. Now, the best DPS classes I have run with are Hunters, Deathknights, and Ret paladins (good ones at least). It should probably be noted that a) I havent run with a DPS warrior since hitting 80, and b) Im not usually running around with world beaters here.

jjgchetsu said...

Well, being as gear dependant as they are (especially with TG) dps warriors seem to be middle of the pack as a fresh 80 but are still respectable dps none the less.

The plus side of being gear dependant though is once you start gearing up your dps scales up exceptionally well. Has always been like that for warrior dps, you learn to take the ups with the downs. :)

N said...

I'll take a decent geared Titans Grip warrior with me any day :D. If they have a decent gear set with nice weps, they are on par with me (Almost fully epic Retribution paladin minus 3 pieces of gear, 2 rings and a trinket) or deathknights. A deathknight that knows what they're doing will out dps me no problem, but with most of those around I typically beat or are on par with. I guess I can say that I'm a pretty good ret pally since every time I take someone new with me they're like OMG pally dps >_>! lol. It's a challenge to keep up on damage with any other class when we're not in an instance or fight without undead there, but thats class mechanics for ya. I just take it as a challenge to keep up with other dps specs / classes that come with me, I basically set up a standard when I walk in and say hey, try to out dps me bro (while playing smart of course). The biggest change I've seen so far though is the damage scaling while in 5 - 10 and 25 man content. 25 mans are fun as hell! Seeing 5 digit crits come up on your screen makes you want to say "I think I just crit my pants". XD Good times!

Herc said...


Yeah I really like it when gear starts falling for us. It just sucks being competitive sometimes .. you wanna do more but you are really limited with what you have till you get some gear


I usually bring Ret pallies in 5mans especially when theyr geared. for 25mans they are up there. We only bring 1 or max of 2 though.