Wednesday, December 3, 2008

25mans Cleared

Well almost all of them =P. We cleared all 25mans last night from Wintergrasp boss, Naxx to Malygos. Only thing left is the 25man Obsidian sanctum.

Of course my spec was DPS.

I speced PVE arms last night and I must say that I did better this time around. I'll highlight some Bosses

Patchwerk: I pulled 3660 DPS. Not bad at all I ended up 6th Overall.
Thaddius: I placed 3rd overall. My max Execute crit was 27k damage!

If you are interested on DPS rotations, talent selection, gear selections here is our Site

Click the link for WoWwebstats.

Hopefully it helps other who are still trying to figure out their rotations etc. I got about 3 upgrades from Naxx last night. A new cloak, legs, and t7.5 shoulders ^^.

Titan's Grip

Ok me and my friend abrems are fooling around with this spec. We concluded that it's not worth till we get a good decent amount of hit. We don't have to be hit cap but just enough to make the spec bearable. Of course having another leet 2H would help =P.


Chad S. said...

Very Impressive. How long did the Naxx portion of night last?

Herc said...

The first pull in Naxx didn't actually happen around 7:50 pm.

Cleared naxx around 11:20ish pm or so. So around 3.5 hours roughly. We didn't wipe on any boss but we had to stop and explain strats for people that we swapped in.

This is good cause I need to spend time on other games like umm .. Guitar Hero 4.

Darraxus said...

Grats man. I will be making our firt foray into 10 man this Saturday. Need to read up on all the damn strats.