Thursday, December 11, 2008

PTR Patch 3.0.8 Notes


Bloodthirst: Charges have been decreased to 3, but the effect has been raised to 1% per charge.

Bloodsurge: Now has a chance to trigger from any hit with Heroic Strike, Bloodthirst, or Whirlwind.
Titan's Grip: The hit chance penalty has been removed.

All I can say is FINALLY ...

Blizz finally listened to us warriors who were asking to buff Bloodsurge. Proccing only on a BT crit is not worth 3 talent points especially if ends up only 3-4% of my damage.

I believe Titan's Grip penalty has been removed mainly for

1.) Warriors who are just leveling and want's to spec TG and actually make it work. quest rewards/crafted doesn't really have enough hit to make them cap =P.

2.) It's also for warriors who just dinged 80 and wanna make their way into the Raiding scene. Now they won't have to worry about gemming for Hit all the way =) or grabbing some add trinket/gear just to compensate for the hit.

Of course it benefits the TG raiding warriors already like me ^_^. Less hit gems more STR!

It's all on PTR so I'm keeping my gems till it actually goes live. Nonetheless it's good news.


Yada said...

Thank God, yada is in the mood for some fury love, and since im in school, now im so happy im gonna log on, and have fury love

Darraxus said...

Any good prot changes?

Herc said...

Those 3 are the only listed patchnotes for Warriors