Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Taking one for the team or am I?

With our guild having 50+ members online at a given night with the cap of 25man raids ... something has got to give.

Last night the leadership announced that they will be having a 2nd 25man Naxx group. The ultimate goal is to take advantage of the trivial content, run two separate raid groups with main raiders spread out so we get twice the chance of loots to gear up faster.

Group 2 will not be as stacked as Group 1 of course. That's why some people were upset. First because they didn't make it into Group1, second they are afraid group 2 will be an altfest resulting into a wipefest. Group 2 will consist of some main raiders, trial members(which we have a ton) and main raider alts who are geared(t6+).

I got an invite for Group1(like always =P). The CoGM pmed me if I don't mind tanking for G2 this week as they need a geared and experienced tank to make the second 25man run smoother. I told him I don't mind tanking till next week because I need Emblems of Valor for my dps gear.

He then went on that all 2H will be passed to me since I'm the only main raider/main spec there who can use 2H and maybe also get some dps gear/tanking gear. With that in mind I went hmmm... that's not a bad deal at all. I agreed, I left the zone and the raid group.

Did I just get played or what? I did it to help out Group 2 make the run smoother but ... I also did it with my own agenda in mind. That is to get decent upgrades for my character. I've tanked 10man naxx(also the 40man) but havent done it on 25s. I guess I better enchant my stuff now huh?

Now Abrems, the other DPS/tank warrior heard this and he then volunteered to tank it also with me and him switching from G1 to G2 each week. Hopefully as we gear up trial members can tank it.

The CoGM announced in vent that me and abrems will be tanking G2 alternately. Were both decent tanks and I hope that's enough comfort to other raiders that it won't be a FailBoat.

Hopefully the rest of the members don't rush and do their own 25mans ... leaving me and the others screwed.

I usually have bad experience when I'm going out of my comfort zone to help people but we'll see.

Honestly if the 2nd 25man naxx doesn't start cause we lack people this week I don't mind really well I guess I won't be too bummed about it heh ... gear is so easy to get with such trivial content.

I mainly want to be in the raids where we are going for our first kill a.k.a progression fights. I have enough gear to be competitive on Group 1 for DPS. I'm a raider since vanilla wow and I still savor those moments when we get server first kills.

Wish Group 2 good luck!


Brandon said...

My guild is almost reaching the same point. So many raiders and only so many slots. Compared to Sunwell when we had 40 people show up nightly you may see 30 something now simply cause you dont need rotations for anything in Naxx really.

The idea was approached to do one 10 man raid while the 25 man is clearing. The tanks (1 feral, 1 pally, 3 warriors) would rotate weeks to build up decent gear sets. Hopefully it works out.

GL with Group 2 :P

Darraxus said...

Good luck with a second group. Unfortunately for us, we are having trouble even fielding a single 25 man atm.

ArmsandFury said...

I want Herk to get there as DPS too. Think I am going to save dwarf for tanking :)

Herc said...


I'm not sure how you can level 2 warriors to 80! That's nuts.