Monday, January 5, 2009

WoW Rep and Console Game thoughts

WoW Reputations

Well I finally hit Exalted with Sons of Hodir. I know, I should have had it a month ago but I have
been slacking and had been missing days to do my dailies.

I will still do the easy dailies though for some quick gold while I'm out there killing mammoths for my food buff.

White Polar Bear Mount

I'm still doing the daily for this mount as much as I can. Sometimes I even only log in just to do these. Only takes a couple minutes to do and who knows that bag might contain my first ever bear mount!

Oracle Dailies

I might start grinding rep for these folks to get the egg that has a chance to hatch a Green Proto Drake.

Does anyone know how many quest is available to do for these guys?

Where do I start?

What's the average time to complete all the dailies for this rep per day?

Thanks in advance if anyone replies.

Console Game Thoughts

Well I've been playing a lot of console games lately and here are some of the games that I spent a good amount of time

Metal Gear Solid 4


A solid action game where you decide how you play the game either thru stealth or just rambo your thru destroying/killing everything in sight.

If you choose the stealth way you have tons of gadgest and Close quarter combat moves that you can do. Anywhere from using your OctoCamo(Camo suit that adapts with your surroundings, distracting guards by noises, choking/knocking them outor even throw a Playboy magazine at the enemy guards so you can slip past them unnoticed!

If you decide that stealth is not your game. Then this game has tons of weapons for you. There are over 60+ weapons in the game but like other sites have said they didn't sacrificed the quality for quantity.

Visual: Amazing. Easily one of the best graphics out there. Check out the videos. The flawless switch from cinematic to game is one of the praised features of the game. I was always amazed by how gorgeous this game looks, really capitalizing on the PS3 capabilities.

Sounds: A+

Replayability: If you wanna have another run at the campaign with no kills/no alerts or w/e your into then this game has tons of replay value. I myself will be working on the no kill campaign first then the no alert feat.

A well deserved ending for our legendary hero Solid Snake. This game pretty muchs sums up the Metal Gear Franchise in the past 10 years. Gameplay is just too awesome and however you play this game it will get you and the next thing you know you'll be sticking to walls and crawling under covers in real life before you know it.

They really set the bar on this one. Sometimes I blame this kind of games cause I get spoiled by them. The camera angle that fans have been crying about in the past installments has been fixed!

Boss fights are well done and like what you expect from Hideo Kojima expect some laughs here and there.

Long and I mean really long cinematics. Thankfully you can skip it the next go around.

I love this game! Maybe I'm biased but if everyone else in the net loves it then it might be doing something right.

Uncharted: Drake's Fortune


This game is a mix of a Tomb raider game and Gears of War =). Really can't go wrong with that. Like any platform game you figure out a way to jump/climb your way to an area add in the puzzles you have to solves and at the same time the action is just like Gears of War where you find a cover and then start shooting. There are some melee combos that you can do to get more ammo out of the enemies that you have killed.

Visuals: One of the best out there. Most action games are set on a dark setting/end of the world but here you spend most of your time in the jungle and ruins. Really nice eye candy.

Sound: Awesome! Really fit for the nature of the game.

Replay value: The only reason I will play thru this again is for the harder modes or Trophies(Xbox360 Achievements equivalent). I might give this game another go but won't be for awhile.


I was really grabbed by the story and it was though I was watching a movie as I play the game. It felt like it was Indiana Jones meet National Treasure's Ben Gates.

I finished this game on normal mode around 8-10 hours of game time which wasnt bad.

Some of the fights gets repetitive but what action game doesn't?
I wish I could have carried more guns.

I really enjoyed playing this game. Definetely deserves a rent or even owning it wouldnt be a bad idea if you are going for the Trophies.

I can't wait for Uncharted 2 this year!


Kinzlayer said...

RE: Oracle Dailies
I have stopped doing the dailies for the Oracles however there are exactly 3 dailies you can do for them.

First daily is the dig up the shinnies, never change, another daily is randomize between killing 30 or 50 Frenzyhearts. The 3rd daily is randomize between killing 4 named mobs, killing the air and water elementals using the item they give you to first transform into a water elemental, or the using a flute item to play a song at 4 of the pillars. I don't think it takes more then 30 mins to do them all depending on how many other people are doing it at the same time but the re-spawn for all the killing quests are extremely fast.

My first Mysterious Egg yield the trash reward, my second egg gave me the cobra pet, I'm on my 3rd egg also waiting for the Green Proto-Drake (xfingers).

LarĂ­sa said...

Are you serious? Will you KEEP slaving for the Sons of Hodir after getting exalted? I definitly won't. There are other ways to make money in this game...
I'm more than halfway to exalted. I had hoped the patch would come sooner so I could get a couple of thousand rep for the relics. I guess I'll end up selling them at AH. I wonder what they'll be worth...? I suspect quite a few players would be prepared to pay a lot to get rid of that annoying rep grind.

I've got about the same projects as you, but the Hodirs are highest priority so the other rep grinds are rather slow. I also want the pet and the fishing pole from Kaluk, so there's another three quests to do over and over again. Very easy quests, but spread out over the whole continent...

Herc said...


Thanks for the info! I'll check them out tonight.


I won't be doing the Horn and Ice and cold daily quest =). Those 2 are a pain.

I also have a ton of relic and I already got my Iron Boot flask.

Oh man I also want that fishing pole. I think I'm revered already.

Kinzlayer said...

@larisa and herc
If it helps your effort at all, the Kalu'ak are worth the effort. I love the penguin and the fishing pole is extra nice, even though the pole from Booty Bay has +5 more fishing, imo it really doesn't look as kewl as the Kalu'ak's pole.

Also if you make it into a route going from one place to another for the daily quests it won't feel as annoying (little lies I tell myself doing repetitive things, hehe).