Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Sartharion with 2 Drakes


Well it has already been done by the guild last week. It was only last night that I was on the raid that I got the achievement.

The plan was to do Sartharion with 3 drakes however people not showing up really screwed us over. So it was decided to kill the dragon with 2 drakes for loot's sake.

If I know Steve(our GM) he will start recruiting again for holy pallies ... cause that's where we are hurting. He really doesn't resort to another Ret/Prot Paladin respeccing to holy mainly cause it's a waste of a time to him. He'd rather grab another Holy paladin who has the gear for it.

Now I'm not sure if we are doing Naxx or will keep trying on Sartharion with Drakes tonight. I want the easy loots from Naxx but finishing up the hardest encounter would be really cool especially if we are first on the server.

I guess we'll find out tonight =P. I'll keep you guys/gals updated.


Darraxus said...

How exactly does this fight work with the drakes up. Do you have to split up groups to take each drake and one group on the boss, or is it like a tank and healer on each drake and the rest on the boss?

Herc said...

The drakes flies in while you are fighting Sartharion on a predetermined time.

Sartharion gets a buff and the raid get's a debuff if one or more drake is up.

Like last night we killed the right drake before going in.

We engaged Sartharion, a minute or less later the first drake flew to our spot.

We had to kill this drake as he is responsible for the whelps that spawns + the debuff/buff. The plan was to kill this drake before the other drake flies in.

After first drake is dead we go to the 2nd drake. Groups still has to take portal to take on drakonoids on the other side which they have to time the kill or they will eat a Lava wave.

This is happening while the other half of the raid group is dodging waves, killing adds, avoiding red stuff on the ground, and doing your roles.

With more drakes up the fight gets ridiculously hard.

Rich said...

GRATS on the 2 drakes Herc. We got 1 last week and will be working on 2 after the new year! Thanks for the tips