Friday, December 5, 2008

Raid DPS Test

Last night was a scheduled Raid DPS Test night. We would all meet at Main cities, raid buffed, flasked, etc at the Boss Dummies to test our DPS.

The CoGM wanted to do this test for the following reasons:

1.) How the classes do against each other.
2.) How each player is doing in respect to the other people of the same class.
3.) Who knows how to DPS and who just bashes their head on their keyboard (ie. uses a good cycle)
4.) Who to take on certain fights where DPS is a must.

I realize "normal" guilds don't necessarily do this but read on if you want to know more about the results of the test. Ok lets move on.

Hopefully this helps raiding folks who are reading this blog where they should be DPS wise.

My Spec

I specced Titans grip last night. I put points into Bloodsurge even though I'm not a big fan of it.

I went down to Arms to get Deep wounds. Don't bother looking at Armory .. I specced prot right after the tests to tank 10man Naxx.

The only glyph I saw that benefits fury was the Heroic strike Glyph.

IMPORTANT: The miss rate was lowered by Blizzard. Instead of needing 9% chance to hit you now only need 8% to be capped on yellow attacks.

This change made the switch from Arms-> Fury(TG) a little easier.

The "Pre-test"

We started at Undercity. Our first DPS test lasted for 6 minutes. We used Bloodlust at the 2min mark.

The problem that we ran into was the Raid boss dummy went down fast. This caused

1.) Mages, hunters, and warriors have finishing moves to use when the target is below a certain %.
2.) Certain class abilities like Ret pallies and DK gets their damage nerfed due to the mob's HP at zero.

So they cut down the test down to 3-4 minutes.

NOTE: I didn't even spam execute. I find that I get rage starve when I spam it. Instead I try to use it whenever I just used Bloodthirst and Whirlwind so it's enough time to get rage for another Bloodthirst.

So after a couple of pre-test we went on to TB for the "real" test. Hopefully by this time classes are already familiar with their rotations and what spec to use.


Hunter's and Mages just raped everybody on the meters ... heck even hunter's pet do more damage than some of our Rogues ....

Regarding the Dummies armor, yes the dummy has armor we tested it with and without sunder armor and we noticed a significant increase in DPS not as much as the real bosses but enough to make a difference.

Good thing there were trial runs as that was the first night I specced TG boss wise. I had enough time to get used to the rage generation and when to use my abilities.

Of course me being top 1 or 2 melee made me feel pretty good and relieved. The first run where I did 4330ish DPS my crit was just going all over the place it was crazy. The other DPS warrior Abrems was Arms during the pre-test but switched to FUry. He is not hit capped and his weapon is not as good as mine. Next week we will do another run.

The Raid leaders were concerned about Rogue's DPS they are kinda low. They were mostly concerned about players with the same class but a huge gap on DPS.

I think everyone had an idea where they stand now DPS wise, max dps spec, proper rotations, what mistakes to avoid and hopefully everyone had a good competitive fun while doing it. All in all the tests lasted for an hour and a half.

All these are posted at WWS but I think it just took overall. Check out our guildsite and follow the link for WWS if you are interested.


My thoughts on TG spec. It is definetely the better dps spec for pve. The argument now is the 2% increase in physical dmg in Arms, if its worth to have 2 Warriors using Titans grip or the other one using Arms for utility.

This generally depends on the raid makeup and the difference in DPS the TG and arms is doing. I will post more about this later.


Darraxus said...

Since they fixed the hit rating requirements for TG, I guess it went back to the way it was. I imagine that fury warriors will start creeping back up the charts as they get better gear, much like BC.

Herc said...

Sad thing is they might nerf it again ...

5kdps is attainable and I've seen warriors do it.

I'll regem my stuff and hopefully get upgrades by next week to push my dps close to 4500 dps.

Brandon said...

I dont know. I think most nerfs nowadays are caused by pvp balance. I think Blizz is going to keep everything the same for awhile and once season 5 starts, then they will make changes.

But yeah, our TG warrior is loving the spec. Especially since he's gotten some nice drops in Naxx, specifically the 2 hander off 4 horsemen. Depending on the encounter mechanics he's either behind the hunters or topping meters. Loatheb is a good example of a fight he crushes meters.

Funeral said...

When I see things like this I get a little jealous. I think I'd really flourish in a guild like this where everyone is guided and pushed to be their best, the trade off for me is that I play with people I actually know in RL. I can be frustrating sometimes though because most of them aren't as "hardcore" as me.

Anonymous said...

Does not look good for shadow priests.

Herc said...

The shadow priest just dinged 80 a few days before we did that test =) and he was wearing greens, now he's got some upgrades so it will be interesting.