Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Time management and WoW

If you've been around this blog at least once of twice you prolly noticed that I usually blog about endgame raiding content.

Well that's the main reason why I play WoW ... to raid. But that's not the only thing I do in WoW.

Past few days these questions came to mind when I was going thru my time management notes early this year. So I just decided to post them here anyway.

How many nights do I spend a week on raiding?

At the moment we clear 25man naxx and 25man Malygos in 1 night. We spend another night learning Sartharion with 3 drakes up, really tough fight here.

For 10mans, we also clear everything in 1 night except Malygos which can be done in like 20 minutes anyday.

So contrary to the general perception about end game raiding guilds ... we actually raid less.

When the new instances comes out, 25man Naxx will be cleared off the schedule or at least will have to wait till the end of the week as we won't be needing anymore from there. So it will prolly add 1-2 days in our sched.

Our guild doesn't/won't raid 6-7 days a week. Most of our members are adults and got family/work to attend to.

How do I handle Family matters when raiding?

I tend to warn my wife the 2-3 nights I'm raiding ahead of time. I usually do all the houses chores before raid to compensate my uselessness for the next 3-4 hours, I know I'm awesome.

The wife is pretty cool about it since she has her own hobbies online plus she also has her own WoW toons.

She refuses to level her toon by herself so yeah that's out of the question. She usually just plays the AH or go herbing. She makes a decent amount though, can't argue with that.

Best part is I don't feel alone a the house when raiding. We usually talk about work, family, games while I'm playing.

What do I do when not raiding dungeons?

When I log on I usually head right away to do Son's of Hodir rep after that I try my luck on white polar bear mount so thats another set of dailies right there. These can take around 20-30 minutes to complete.

After that if my usual 5man heroics team is on I try to run a couple with them. There's really no need for me to run heroics these days except to gear my alt or help others. Usually last an hour or an hour and a half max.

Once I get tired of heroics or my group won't do more

I log on my bank alt, collect money from the mail and post another set of items for gold. Raiding can be expensive sometimes when learning encounters =P. This takes about 10-15 minutes

I then make sure I got enough Flask/Food to cover me for the next raid. If not then I buy mats and bug a guildy to make me some flask. Another 5-10 minutes.

So all those things takes from 2 hrs - 2.5 hrs if I do heroics. I usually start right away when I get back from work around 4:30 pm.

When me and the wife are not leveling our alts together we usually watch animes/tv shows ... I know were such geeks!

These are currently the animes were watching/catching up to

Naruto - who doesn't like naruto?
Bleach - wife is really into this series atm
Gundam 00 2nd season - I like giant robots!

We just finished watching Kekaishi series. Anyone able to recommend any good anime series?

Sometimes we just watch movies in DVDs, Netflix ftw. We are not a big fan of Cable TV except financial shows or cooking shows.

We do go out from time to time to visit friends, shop, watch movies etc. We are pretty excited about snow skiing this winter. Last year was a blast.


When not raiding in WoW, I usually only log on for a few hours when I do raid I don't mess around and at the same time try to not isolate myself from the family. I dunno, raiding is just the main game for me, if there is nothing to raid I'll prolly quit till new leveling content is opened up. As you prolly have guessed me and the wife are on our early 20s. No child atm so we are both free to do our own hobbies.

Feel free to answer the same questions or better add more!


Rich said...

Hey Herc, I want to reach out to you about a project but there's no way to contact you. My email address is associated with my profile so clickyclick and shoot me an email.


Darraxus said...

Man,good to hear that your wife is understanding. My fiance isnt into any fun nerd stuff, so she is pretty much the complete opposite. She probably wont be happy about my raiding again, but at least it is on the few nights that I would be playing anyways.

Kelmar said...

You know...

My wife was cool with it too until we had our son.

After that, you have to learn how to ping pong tank kiddy aggro.

"Dad, me wanna pway wif joo."
"Ok son"
Too many mobs... ack ganked!
"Dad, me jump you."
gets knockbacked off the cliff
"Dad, why you dead again?"
"Love ya boy"
"Love joo tu"

Herc said...

Yeah I can see myself detaching from raiding when we add the baby factor in.

Would be fun times though. I wouldnt expose him/her to WoW though =).

Brandon said...

Herc. You have moved up the scale of awesome. Anyone that watches anime cant be too bad. :P. You're watching the same stuff I am pretty much. Since Code Geass went off there hasnt been anything major out. But do check out 'Gintama' if you like to laugh. That is a hilarious anime.

Hudson said...

How would you handle something like this Herc:


Let me know please