Friday, December 19, 2008

Heroes, Heroics and Arenas

After finishing up my Sons of Hodir quest yesterday I decided to watch Heroes 2nd Season while AFK fishing. I stopped watching the series after Season 1 cause of WoW Raiding times. Now I only raid once a week it's time to catch up.


I really like this show. If you have a netflix account(watch it online) or can rent the Season 1 and Season 2 I highly suggest you check it out.

The story is about how humans are evolving. People having super powers that sometimes they don't know what to do. This is not your regular super hero tv shows. This actually has some nice story background and some nice plot twist which is one of the things that makes this series awesome. The acting are above average and the scripts are just pure awesome.

I'm really bad at giving description so I suggest just googling it =).

I watched Episode 1 thru Episode 9 in 1 sitting yesterday pausing for dinner and doing some arenas ... it's that good. So check it out!

Tonight new episode of Naruto is up! You better believe it! Don't watch the english version like any anime, it's just plain awful.


As I was watching Heroes on windowed mode I had to resize my WoW window WTB DUAL MONITOR!

I joined this heroic group to clear HoL. No wipes and I ended up being top dps with 2400 dps overall dmg. Not bad while watching tv shows right =P?

We then went to Heroic nexus to get our healer his mace. I was still watching and sometimes I would get left behind on trash pulls, go figure. No luck on the mace and the green hat! /wrist

I'm not sure if I have enough badges now to buy my hunter that Legacy bow or that haste trinket which heals you for 2% if you kill a mob that yields experience.


For some reason this one shaman in my guild wanted to do 2s with me. We have no raid for the whole week ever since Tuesday ... so I said wth lets do it.

I specced MS and we queued up for 2v2 matches.

We lost our first 3 matchess. I blame myself really for some of them. Last time I played arena was before patch 3.0, so took awhile to get used to my keybinds again.

Fights were just way to fast to end. My shaman partner always goes down first so I didn't bother wearing any Resil gear except for the PvP trinket.

We won 3 times in a row after that. One particular fight against a Ret Pally/DK was I opened up with Sweeping Strikes + Bladestorm as they were both chasing my shaman friend. Those were good times. They both went down so fast it was funny. My crit unbuffed was at 38.5% on zerker stance. Crazy times. My AP is around 3500 plus if I remember right.

I will take advantage of my PVE gear to own some undergeared players before t hey start getting a good amount of quality gear with resil, shameless I know but that's how it goes sometimes.

Peace for now.


Darraxus said...

I hope to get in my first arena this weekend. Speaking of Green Christmas hats, I have had one since I got it off of the last boss in Scholo pre-BC.

Hudson said...

I guess if you are gonna fish, thats the best way to do it. Me I might go with Dr Who season 3 and 4 which I completely missed

Kelmar said...

I am boycotting arena!

Chad S. said...

Makes me miss vanilla WoW, when raid gear always resulted in mass ass-kickery in PvP.


Kinzlayer said...

PvE resulting in kick-arse PvP has always been the case upto and including Season 2 (or was it Season 3) when MH/BT came out? First few weeks were always filled with people from top end guilds taking the wins because they had access to the better gears then the gears from Arena would then even out the imbalance a bit.

@Kelmar - I was going to boycott Arena as well but a druid friend of mine really wants to do some 3s so I might have to surrender to the wills of the masses. This should be super fun being the first to die as always, being the "look there's a 'lock, KILL IT". /sigh