Monday, December 1, 2008

Weekend Blitz

First off.

Malygos 25man is down =). Got her Saturday night. I wasn't in the raid when they did it >_<> US: 144 Realm: 1. So I guess that's it for now eh?

I can see ourselves clearing all the 25man content in 1 or 2 nights then for the rest of the weeks ... I dunno prolly 10mans or leveling alts/proffesions. Blizz has really gone casual with this released content. Again not a bad thing cause I know I can't keep up forever spending hours raiding like I did TBC for BT/Sunwell, school starts soon for me.


I did get all the remaining 80 emblems like I planned on. I got it Saturday afternoon. By 6pm last night I got another set of 44 emblems. I bought the DPS neck. So my DPS gear is starting to look decent. Now I think I'll buy some tank gear =P with all this tanking in 5mans.


Herc has 4 new toys.

Bronze Drake

We have a group for a Strat run every night. This is our 2nd one so far and I got lucky with the rolls. The group is pretty strong and I won't stop tanking for this group until everyone has one. I have no SS >_>

Black War Mammoth

Ok ... this thing ... is HUGE!

Red Sword of Courage
After having run Heroic Utgarde Pinnacle over and over this baby finally dropped.

The other day, all of our DPS died when the 3rd boss was at 95%. Me and Renyeturn(resto shaman) duoed the boss till he died. It took about 10-12 minutes but hey we got him down =P.

L33t 2H Axe(Forgot the name!)
Pretty nice axe. Got it on my 2nd Heroic Halls of Lightning run. Another big upgrade for my DPS gear.

Bind on Account items.

I mentioned earlier I was going to spend emblems for tanking gear. Well there is only 1 item from Heroism emblems that would be a major upgrade for me, the trinket. After that I'm going to buy Bind on Account items and send it to my alts ^_^. 2H for the Pally, mh for the lock and bow for the hunter.

My next post will be about how Blizz has changed the distribution of Tiered Epic Gear.


Darraxus said...

How is Heroic Pinnacle? That sword is one of the heroic items I want the most.

Herc said...

Hmm... it can be pretty difficult sometimes.

Try to bring a CC or 2 for the packs.

I can see the 3rd boss as a major road block and will cause wipes no doubt.It starts with a gauntlet, it can be pretty rough. Always kill the caster first and remember to use spell reflect when hes about to cast.

The boss himself ain't too hard except he WW which is not cool if you are heavy on melee.

After 3rd boss it should be pretty easy from there. Last guy ain't too bad.

Darraxus said...

Perhaps I will give it a shot this week. I really want that sword.

Herc said...

awesome! Tell me how it goes.

Spicytuna said...

Grats on beating the current content! We'll see how hard the content patches will be.

Did you guys get the realm first title for killing Malygos too?

Herc said...

Yes we did get the realm first.

Magik Seeker Title

eeww. I'd rather wear my Naxx realm first title ^^.

Hudson said...

Nice analysis thanks for the write up