Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Weekly DPS Report

With new toys from last week I was really eager to see how well I do in Naxx this week. I knew it was going to be better but I didn't expect the results I got last night.

This was the Recount for the first boss, Patchwerk.

When I looked at my Recount at first I thought I was #9 but someone posted the dmg and I noticed I had mine setup for Overall. I went from 3700 dps to 4500 dps ... awesome.

Needless to say I am very pleased with the results. Don't mind the rogues up there! They will get nerfed pretty soon cause of their broken spec right now.

Grobulus and Gluth were about the same. I am always behind the rogues, ending anywhere from top 3-5.

Here is the recount for Thaddius

2nd with 8kDPS. I remember having 7kdps on this guy last week.

After this boss I was pretty much excited the whole night always. So excited that I forgot to take SS >_>. I'll post WWS if you want to check the rest of the boss out.

On Loatheb the top dps was 9k DPS, I think I was at 8k+ dps. I was placed 2nd or 3rd can't remember >_>. Not bad at all considering the buff that Fury will receive next patch.

Well while this was going on, my friend spqr(abrems) was getting pissed off why his dmg was always behind.

He actually has better gear and weapons. I'm only sporting 2 180dps 2handers(from heroic and 10man naxx) while he is using the Jawbone(2nd best in slot) and .. I forgot the name both ilvl 213 and has 200+ dps.

On Noth I passed him by 1kdps .... /shrug

We tried to figure out what was going on and the raid leader noticed the meters and wondered "why is herc consistently destroying you". So we went on to check our Stats.

After checking our stats I was only ahead by 200 AP and 1% on crit, so I guess I do have better gear except for weapons. Our dps rotation was about the same. The biggest difference was the Armor Pen Rating.

I was at 16.89% while he was at 2%. I think we found culprit! He changed some gear to get more ArP and he managed to get it up to 9% armor ignore. That helped him out abit. Now he's around 200-500dps behind which is better.

No upgrade for Herc last night >_< I was hoping for a 2H to boost my dps but no luck, I have awesome gear but my weapons makes me sad. Next week we'll see how it goes.

We cleared Naxx around 3.5 hours. Not too bad but we could have done better considering we went with 24 people with the first 2 wings.


Darraxus said...

HAWT DPS. BTW, have you tried out the Deep Wounds tanking spec in Heroics. I am interested to see how it performs without a million raid buffs.

Herc said...

I haven't tried tanking with Deep wounds spec. I might respec tank this weekend to try it out still not sure though.