Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Blog Update

I have added another Gadget that shows what game's I am currently playing wether it be PC or Console games.

With WoW being too easy right now I will be dividing my game time playing WoW and console games. WoW will still be my main game, attending raids whenever we have one. I want to experience/play other games that I have passed to play in the past cause of time spent on raiding.

There's a good amount of quality console games out there that should keep me entertained till Ulduar instance comes out. I'm a big fan of shooters/action adventure and there seem to be a fair amount that I need to try out.

WoW news

Group 2 did Naxx last Sunday night and of course F*ING Armageddon dropped AND Betrayer! WOW! Seriously?! The week that I decided to do Naxx with Group 1 ...

Wish me luck on 2H tonight. If I get one ... you'll know! I'll post a big ass SS tomorrow if I do.

Also tomorrow I will be posting another Weekly DPS report. I'll try to break down fights as much as I can to help out fellow DPS warriors who has asked me about my rotations tomorrow.

Peace for now

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