Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Naxx Achievements

Last night I logged in about 10 minutes before the raid invites was suppose to go out. As I was plugging the external dvd player to my other pc when my internet just died on me with 2 minutes left till invites! WTF?! After a bunch of restarts of my modem/router and a call to Comcast I figured out that I accidentally bumped my modem turn on button O_O. I was late but they got me in the raid anyway since they havent killed a boss yet.

Anyway back to the main topic .... Achievements!

Heroic: The Safety Dance

Pretty easy and about damn time.

Heroic: Momma Said Knock You out

Our Dps was so sick that she only enraged once. Our plan was to have the tank use shield wall then after that we switch to another tank to use his on the next enrage.

Heroic: Arachnophobia

Lots of chain pulling and aoe! Once the first 2 bosses were down the ones who didnt need loot just kept pulling.

Heroic: The Hundred Club

Nobody wore any frost resistance, even Mark of the wild. The trade off of not wearing any resistance gear is he went down pretty fast that it in return for the mana usage by healers.

Heroic: Just can't get Enough

We kept pulling a group of 3 Abominations. The other adds don't come out with them so the only thing you have to worry about if you tank getting insta gib. They do alot of dmg so stun them when you can.

We were going for the Immortal Achivement but tank died at Patchwerk!

Herc gets loots

I was really hoping for 2H drops last night but no luck ... while last week when I sat out for group 2 there were 3 2hs that dropped. My luck I guess.

I got some pretty nice upgrades last night though

I upgraded my T7 helm to T7.5! I also replaced my t6 bracers(the last t6) finally. I'm still not sure if i want to buy the bracer from the Emblems of Valor Quartermaster.

After killing Malygos last night I finally completed my quest and got my uber neck till next patch anyway. I also was given the triket. Now that I don't need anymore expertise I don't need to enchant or gem for it which gives more room for STR and CRIT gems/enchants.

I also got some offspec gear for tanking. That's the best tanking shield in the game right now. The belt I really don't know didn't do any research on tanking gear from 25mans.

Hopefully next week I see more 2H drops to really up my dmg for the raid. Peace for now.


Darraxus said...

I finally switched guilds. Not the one I was originally going to hit up, but they are still clearing all 10 man content and trying to get the roster for 25s I believe.

Herc said...

Nice! Hopefully it works out for you.

Did you get a spot as one of the tnaks?