Monday, December 15, 2008

Group 2 Naxx run report

Last week I posted how I ended up volunteering to MT our guild's 2nd 25man Naxx. This run was composed of mostly trial members, alts and a couple of Main raiders(4 of us I think).

We had 4 tanks in the raid. I thought we were gonna lack dps but we had enough heavy dpsers to compensate. One of the rogues pulled 6k DPS on patchwerk.

Cleared Spider, Plague, and Military wing with no problems. Abom wing took awhile cause of the afks ... seriously!

We had 3 wipes total.

2 on Thaddius. We had a bunch of new people so took awhile for them to realize that you really do need to run ASAP even though Raid leaders told them to for the 10th time.

1 on Kelthuzad. 1% wipe >_<. I died at 4% and it was just chaos by that time. TONS of tank gear dropped. Which went to the would be MT next week.

I did manage to get some purplz for my warrior(c whut i did der?)

Best in slot on chest for me ^_^. Now I can shell out the cash for +10 stats.

2nd Best in slot for belt. It's about 20dps upgrade from what I had. I'll take any upgrades.

Lastly I get the best DPS neck after I kill 25man Malygos this week from this quest. Quest starts from the item that you loot from Saphiron.
Hopefully I get to run with Group 1 next reset. I don't mind running with Group 2 it's just I want to finish Naxx asap and with less wipes sometimes =P. WTB 2H drops pls.

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