Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Back from Christmas Break


I logged in last night after a 5 day break from WoW. I still had my flask from last Tuesday. It worked out cause we did Sartharion with 2 drakes, no loot for me. I logged in here and there to open the gifts at Orgrimar.

Also last night I got my Gear Score finally, I got a perfect 10!

Gear Score
Is a system that we used in guild to check if you have the right gems, enchantment, and items outside 10/25man raiding optimized for PVE. Highest possible score is 10 and you need an 8 to be able to loot in raid. You also need 9.5(I think) to have your alt raid with the 2nd group.

During the 5 day break I decided to dust up my xbox360 and play some console games. Holy crap! I did miss console games!

Xbox 360
It was perfect too. Two of my buddies from the military just got back from the desert and they have been playing the new Call of Duty: World at War. I gave in and bought the game so we can play some games. This game ain't better than COD4 but I think that one just raised the bar a little bit high. It's still a good shooter nonetheless plus the campaign has a good story in it.

So if you have XboxLive and have Cod5/Gears of war 2 and you wanna party it up my tag is spybreak4u. Just add me and include a short message.

We also just bought a PS3, got Metal Gear Solid 4 in the mail 2 days after. I really love this series. If you have played at least 1 of the previous installments you will love this game. If not, then you might get bored with the excessively long cinematics.

This game is about stealth and close quarter combat but sometimes I get impatient and just treat this game like a shooter. Also this is a lot more forgiving than the previous ones. You actually have a chance now to survive if a guard has found you.

So last weekend I bought Unchartered and Resistance Fall of Man from Gamestop, taking advantage of their buy 2 get 1 free used games.

Question for PS3 users.

When you play online, do you have to change your psn name/tag everytime on a new game? I still haven't tried the online multiplayer option. I plan to get Resistance 2 pretty soon.

Is this it for WoW?

Nah, I still like doing dungeons! I still love performing in Raids and of course Questing! It just won't take up a weeks worth of gaming anymore.

I can really see myself just playing console games when not Raiding dungeons in WoW. I had a blast last week and can't wait to get my groove back in shooter games and pwn some nubs.

Tonight it's Naxx time. Hopefully we get some 2H drops and I get one, the rest of my upgrades are going to be coming from 25man Malygos.


Darraxus said...

Welcome back! I sitll havent enchanted all of my gear for 10 man Naxx due to the fact that it is expensive and I will be replacing much of it soon.

Herc said...

I hear you.

My weapons are only rocking mongoose and +85 AP. Once I get new ones I'll gladly spend the Gs

Alex - aka Firelight said...

Hey! welcome back! Glad you had a good christmas!

As for your PS3 tag - over here your main tag that you make you first register your details on the Playstation Network is your "gamer tag" for all the games you play online.

Stupidly I didnt realise this and called myself "Alex_TDCi" (the TDCi was the engine spec of the car I had at the time. Doh!