Thursday, December 4, 2008

Toughest 25man Content Atm

People have been complaining raids being too easy. There's two kinds of players who say that

a.) The ones who have cleared content
b.) The ones who keep hearing about players who have cleared content

I don't have a probelm with a.) but the one's at b.) sometimes I wonder ... they claim content is too easy and even sometimes wants the content to get harder but they havent even beaten it ...

My advice is experience the content first =P before going with what the crowd is saying. Of course we all know Naxx is easier compared Kara but hey it still requires attention. Remember the guilds that have cleared(or at least got far) the original naxx were the ones who generally finished 25man when it was released.

ok back to the main Topic

The Toughest 25man Content atm is

Sartharion with 3 Drakes up. PERIOD.

Quick recap about the fight: The instance has the boss, Sartharion, and 3 mini bosses. If you kill all 3 mini bosses before Sartharion the fight is really really easy, you just have to dodge waves like Felmyst and kill adds.

The real challenge starts when you decide to leave a drake up before engaging Sartharion. It is a whole different ball game much more with 2 or all of the drakes up =). Of course the more drakes up the better the quality of the loot.

Even our guild who has killed Malygos twice is having a hard time beating this event. We gave up after 2 hours and just killed 2 drakes before the boss and killed him.

One word can only be said about this encounter ... CHAOS. There are tons of things going on all a the same time I mean literally even our hardcore raider gets challenged. It's different from what were used to in Naxx where we come in and one shot everything.

In terms of beating content yes we killed all what Wrath has to offer but we havent beaten ALL of the encounters =). This remains a challenge for us and we look forward in attempting it again next week.


Spicytuna said...


We tried this fight with 3 dragons up. Best we were able to do was only one dragon down before people started dying. Fun to attempt though. Good luck getting that achievement!

Herc said...

Wasn't it pure chaos? lol
It's been a long time since I had that rush worrying about different stuff while trying to maximize my dps as melee.

2ndNin said...

Do the drakes have to stay up until you kill him, or just at the start of the pull? If its the latter its a heck of a lot easier than I thought it would be, if the former its a very hard task I think (if nothing else positioning 4 dragons so no one gets tailed / breathed / waved