Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Undying ...

Last night we did our respective 10 man groups. The guild leadership makes group for 10mans sometimes up to 4 groups. They do a good job on spreading geared/skilled players throughout the groups. I wanna talk about how our guild handles 10mans but that will be on a different post.

I was the assigned co-leader of the group. My group is going the Undying Title. Where no one has to die during ALL boss encounters. If we do that we get an achievement and an awesome title with it like Herc, The Undying. There is a similar achievement for 25man it's called the Immortal.

Our group make up was

Tanks - 2 warriors
Healers- priest, shaman, pally
DPS - elemental shaman, hunter, 2 mages, 1 rogue.

I decided we do Abomination then DK wing first. So if we fuck up .. we fuck up early.

Patchwerk - too easy
Grobulus - is this even a boss? granted he's tougher now than his 40man version.
Gluth - he only managed to do 1 decimate.

Thaddius ... ok everything was going well until our Resto shaman bite the dust! You can imagine the yelling in vent when he died, not angry just getting upset I find it pretty funny tbh.

Priest: Don't even try to pull a Fast DC there!
Hunter: How do you even die to this boss?! I thought it was impossible.
Warrior: You suck!
Mages: I hate you!

Sure enough it appeared the shaman went offline and when he logged back in he said

"Did someone die?"

Funny thing was he didn't DC in vent =P. He was getting shit from us all night. Whenever he tried to talk someone says Shut up Scrub!

Now ... what if we didn't have any other deaths for the rest of the night?

We cleared spider wing, DK, and Plague no problem.

Ninja Afkers

The biggest thing was wiping on trash in between bosses. Not on bosses but on trash. People like to go afk w/o telling me ... or at least in raid chat. Which resulted in wipings on trash pulls >_>. I guess I should have ready check but nobody mentioned they were going AFK.

I have no problems with breaks ... just tell me! geez

Sapphiron and Kelthuzad

We wiped on Saphiron once, I guess the healer wasn't used to the dmg being taken by the raid.

Kelthuzad was one shot but .. he dropped the Fist weapon ... again .. for the third fucking time! No axe for Hercy.

Tonight we are going for 10man Malygos then Sartharion with 1-2 Drakes up cause were hardcore like that.

Maybe next week we'll get closer to that Undying Achievement.


Darraxus said...

I really want to get into the Raids, but I dont want to go in with retards. I may have to pug it with a guild who is already doing it.

Herc said...

Some guilds might still need an MT or OT.

Grab that oppurtunity while they are establishing themselves.