Thursday, October 30, 2008

Help! Prepartions for Wrath ... what to do.

Well Sunwell and BT is cleared and it looks like I got time to do some other important endeavors. There's so much needed to be done! First problem


I have been using the Recruit-A-Friend program. In the process I made these toons on my account.

Lvl 60 Druid, 60 Warlock, lvl 23 soon to be Lvl 60 Pally and lvl 7 soon to be Lvl 60 Priest via granting levels.

On my wife's account she has lvl 60 Shaman, lvl 60 Rogue, lvl 60 Druid, lvl 23 Mage, and a lvl 7 Warlock

IF I want to right now I can ding my pally and priest to 60 in a blink of an eye but I think I'm clinging to the idea that I might pull off another 60 mage in there ... am I greedy or what?

My original plan was to ding both pally/mage to 30 then the priest/warlock to 30. Then I'll use the levels from the mage and warlock to level my mage from lvl 1 to lvl 30 then give the rest of the 30 levels from one of the other 60s .... so in the end I get 5 lvl 60s and my wife gets 3 lvl 60 and 2 lvl 30s. I need to decide what I want to do because RAF ends at Nov 11.

Frankly I dunno if I can do it, but thinking about those wasted levels to be granted aarrghhh .... at the same time, there are other stuff I need to do like

Work on Achievements

Quest achievements - this is a big one, I'm into quest and the lore. I only need a couple quest on some zones in Outlands to get the loremaster Achievement but I can't find anymore quest ... yet

Heroic 5mans achievement - I haven't done some of the dungeons and I didn't even get credits for the ones I did. Badges ain't bad either.

Reputations - I still need Shatar, Lower city, Caverns of time and Cenarion Exalted Rep(Wow Herc isn't that everything? lawl). I'm almost exalted with Cenarion so I'll get that one first cause I get the title and get the 15 exalted achievement at the same time.

PVP achievements - my guild has been grabbing some hard ones last weekend like AV perfection, AV blitz w/e. I want to do some before the gear reset.

Level up Cooking/Fishing

Right now its stuck at 166 for both since november 2006. I want to level this up to be self sufficient and make some money at the same time.

Clean up my bag, bank, bank alts

WTB 20slot bags in xpac. I gotta do some cleaning. I want my bags to have as many slots as possible when I start questing in Northrend.

Liquiditate liquidate liquidate

This is really tough with the rest of the server doing the same thing. I'll just hang onto the materials that will be needed for powerleveling a profession (bars, herbs, gems, leather and enchant mats) and dump the ones which prolly won't be any use to lvl 80 like marks of illidar, signets and stuff.

Level Druid to 70 and max his proffesions

I decided he will be my alt and take up enchanting and mining(my poor alchemy/herb hunter who's lvl 61 /cry). I'm not sure if I can max his proffesions. I just want him to get to 70 seeing that guilds still need healers and I decided to put the sword down and put on the robe ... lolwhut? I know that was horrible.


Holy crap that's alot of stuff to do. I need to prioritize which ones I want, see if my expectations are realistic, sort out time/reward effort and then do it. My guild won't be doing any mandatory raids a week before Wrath hits to get our raiders some time to take care of stuff or maybe just take a break.

Next week I'll post what I got done and have failed to hold myself accountable.

Are you ready for Wrath? What have you done to prepare your toons? alts?

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Raid Update, Builds Test, Dps Pewpewpew

Hi! How was your Raid last night? I hope it went well and everybody progressed.

Last night we started sunwell around 8. Our GM was really really really pissy last night cause KJ rotted last week. He told us 3 strikes and were out of the raid if its a big one you are out of the Guild, whoaa ...

My build last night was 15/46/0. I got rampage with 3/3 Intensify rage with zero points in Bloodsurge cause it sucks ... really really bad and maybe made up 3% of my total dmg. I also specced Rampage even though we had a feral druid in the raid.

My thoughts on this spec:

My dmg output is higher but I wanna do more test because I'm arrogant like that. Typically I can use death wish and sometimes recklessness twice which is always good. I try to time the 2nd Deathwish when they are about to call Bloodlust.

My ability rotations are

Heroic Strike(HS) spam while using BT and whirlwind when they are available. That's it =). It is ALOT easier than my old rotation but I'm putting out more dmg ... weird huh? I'm sorry fellow dps warriors for calling us out like that >_<.

Of course its the little details that separates a good warrior from a bad one. You can use recklessness + execute combo but remember they changed reck to crits to your 3 next yellow attacks. Something to think about. BT or execute be sure not to waste it.

On the last 20%, I made Execute my priority which at the end of the fight made up around 8-11% of my total dmg. Not bad when I only used it that late in the fight. Highly suggest you should only be hitting BT, execute and sometimes HS during the last 20%. Whirlwind will eat your rage if you use it.

Ok moving on. This is how our Sunwell raid went

Kalecgos - 1 shot him. I got my 2nd t6 bracer tokens. YAY for tanking!

Brutallus - 1 shot and here is why I smiled at the end =). 3211 DPS PZ. First for me in Brutallus. Photobucket

Felmyst - We wiped like 3 times ... I know lol. Our GM read the breath wrong I think so we wiped on those. Last wiped same thing happen but this time people were slow to move he let it go cause he owes us 2 strikes =P.

Twins - One shot. Herc has a new purplz weapon! Best offhand in the game(for 2 weeks lolol) for me other than the offhand Warglaive.
My only gripe is this is the 3rd weapon I enchanted Mongoose in 2 weeks! Greater Planar essence is not cheap in my server >_<. I've made alot of money selling enchant mats in the past week since people has been getting new gear but I shorted myself some Greater Planar Essence /sigh.

Muru - 2 Shot heh was easy enough.

We took a 20 min break to get our new shiny stuff some enchants and another 15-20 explaining some new strats not fun but I had to pay attention.

Kil'Jaeden - One shot. After wiping on him for a week after the first kill ... I guess everybody brought their A game in fear of getting replaced.

Lastly I broke another one of my record during KJ. New Max Deep Wounds Record Photobucket

4910 Deep Wounds(DW) Tick, yummy. One thing though is my average deep wound tick is kinda low which I guess is ok for now since DW was 30% of my total dmg. I didn't break 2500 though like I did the other night, I think it's because sunders was not up all the time as tanks were busy controlling the adds.

This will prolly my last post about Sunwell Raid unless for some miracle I break 3500 dps on Brut or KJ, my max deep wounds break 6-7k Mark, I get pauldrons of berserking or fel legplates =).

We only have BT left and that will only last less than 2 hours after that I got other stuff to do and it's only Wed. So expect some Achievement, Alts or thoughts about raiding in the next few days.

Happy Raiding tonight!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

What?! You want to be a Raider? Ok!

With the upcoming expansion and Blizzard's promise to make entry raiding more accessible we can expect an influx of new raiders.

So if you decided or just deciding whether to participate in dungeon crawling with you and your friends (or newly found friends) first ask yourself these questions …

1. How much time do you want to spend raiding?

Raiding is a time sink. There I said it. No sugarcoating here sorry. You gotta spend a good amount of time raiding to get the benefits whether 2-3 hours a week or 2-3 hours a day. Remember though time=/=skill.

2. What do you hope to get at the end of the day?

Purplz? Raiding experience? See content you haven’t seen? Is it for the challenge of successfully beating a scripted boss/event with 9(24) other players? Is it for the challenge? A sense of accomplishment? Moar purplz?!

W/e it is … remember it! Don’t lose sight of it. At the end of the day if you had fun and got what you hoped for then the hours you spent was not wasted.

For me I enjoy the challenge and the sense of accomplishment =). Of course I want more purplz I'm not gonna lie but they come and go. It's the memories in those items that will always be attached with them. I still have my old T1,t2, andT3 set in the bank just to remind me that those moments were real whether it be for the challenge itself or the memories with friends.

3. What kind of raiding guild do you want to join?

There are TONS of guilds out there are. Find one that suits your play style. Do your homework. There is no easy way to categorize them. You can do them by

a.) What content they are doing
b.) How many hours they spend a week raiding
c.) The rules on how flexible they are on attendance/skills
d.) Size of the guild

Check out the list I mentioned and see if their schedule will work for you and if they have an open spot. For a priest guide applying to a raiding guild or an overall general tip read Snarkcrafts post here.

There is no perfect guild. Even if you get into one … then it’s not perfect anymore =P.

4. What can you bring to the table?

No free lunch here =) you gotta give something in return either by attendance or your leet skillz. Can you get away from virtual fires? ok good! I hope you do that too in real life, I really do.

Ok Herc I'm ready! ORLY? Well read more and I'll give you a stack of netherweave bandage.

Herc's tips on starting Raiders
1.) Know your class - Head to your class forums, visit elitist jerks forums, or browse other blogs that talks about your class.

If your confident on the things you say about your class, people will believe you even though sometimes your wrong. Well don't go around telling stupid shit here but you know what I mean.

2.) Have a source of gold to tap into - Raiding is not cheap. Do you have a gathering profession or do you play the AH?

Nothing worse wiping on a raid only to find out you can't repair cause your broke. Another example would be going into a raid with half ass consumables while the other 24 people got their stuff together ... how can you even look at yourself?! Do some dailies or sell some netherweave bandage(6g a stack)!

3.) Turn with your mouse and keybind all important abilities/spells. It's really annoying when you first try it but just tell yourself you will need this in the long run. Especially with Naxx ... some bosses that comes to mind are

Heingan - This boss/event will show people who is either a.) lagilicious or b.) bad player c.) a & b. He is also knows as the Pro sauce for noobs hahaha <3. You can't afford to keyboard turn on this one.

Thaddius - everyone will get a + or - debuff charges. If you are withing 5-10yrds with someone who has the opposite charge you both die and people around you die. You get the idea =P. People were losing DKP left and right when we were doing Naxx back then.

Wrath is the perfect time for all raiders =) with the gear reset and all. I welcome you to the world of Raiding if you decide to take on it. Hope you find a guild that suits your play style. Happy raiding!

Next post will be Thoughts about being a Raider. Stay tuned! Feel free comment.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Herc Tanks Heroic Dungeons

Me and Heroics <_>

It's been months since I ran heroics. So me and my hunter friend decided to finish up Coilfang Heroic Dungeons. I started off with

LF Tank, Healer, DPS Heroics!

Surely enough we got the group. I was at the summoning stone and after 10 min ... I was still the only one at the Stone. WTF? It appears they are having fun zombieng it out. I told the rest of the guys if theyre are not here in 5 min we will look for another group. Surely enough I kicked 2 and the other dced.

So I spam again LF tanks and healers. Apparently we still couldnt find tanks so I decided hey I'll tank how bad could it be? We got a Resto Druid, rogue, and an spriest whos an alt of a friend. Now as we stroll to Zang this spriest pmed me.

Spriest: Hey herc, you tank spec now or what?

Me: LOL Hell no! I'll DPS tank this bitches

Spriest: You will get raped, it's still a heroic

Me: If it gets rough, I'll put on some tank gear. I'm 4/8 BT geared tank and I'm overgeard for this. I got this shit!

Spriest: You will still get crit to the face like a mofo

And here is where I think he was right =P

So we started with Slave Pens. I was thinking I was just going to wear my DPS gear and lol Blood thirst my way.

First pull ..... I saw my health drop below 50%. HOLY CRAP these guys hit hard while I'm on zerker stance /bonk. Oh boy. What seemed to be a cake in the walk in my head earlier looks like were headed thru the valley of death.

I started switching out some tank gear and eventually switching to my full Tank gear.

Here were the other things that was happening as we make our way to the bosses

1. Because I planned on battle/zerker stance my bars for defensive stance was messed up. So as the hunter kept pulling I was rearranging my bars. hah!

2. I remembered Shield Slam was trainable. So put that in there. I'm missing something ... oh yeah taunt. Where the hell is my sunder button?

3. I'm using Brutalizer which I just received weeks ago but forgot my axe skill was 300. OOOPS! Now is not a good time to level that shit!

Eventually like riding a bike it all came back to me. Tanking was the reason why I started raiding pre-bc and the same reason why I got accepted into my current raiding guild when I came back in the game. Due to the amount of tanks we had I switched to DPS because I wanted to raid and now I'm all into PEWPEW and all but tanking reminds me of the days.

Anyway by the time 2nd boss is down I got the hang of it and we finished it with 1 wipe after the rogue dced.

Lesson of the day?
Yes me and the hunter was overgeared for heroics but I missed one key detail ... that the others were not or maybe that was me being arrogant that we can "carry" them. I quickly learned my lesson.

Group disbanded but we managed to find another group to finish Heroic Underbog. Got it done then went on 4manning Heroic SteamVaults(5th guy went afk after the first pull

Shout out to the healer in my group doing H SP. Sorry for putting you in a unnecessary stress there. But was that fun or what? =P

Coilfang Heroics = Check
CE Rep = 9k to go >_<

Need ... More ... Brains ...

Hey folks! How was your weekend? Mine composed of something like this .....

and this ...

and then some more

I could post more pictures but you get the idea and I'm sure you got better SS.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Personal DPS breakthroughs ... what's next

Ok so last time I mentioned I was going to try 15/46/0 Fury with Deep wounds. I didn't get a chance to try it last night because we had a feral druid so I thought I can get away with my 15/38/8 Fury with Deepwounds and Incite spec.

To recap my spec is 15/38/8. 3/3 Deep Wounds on Arms, 3/5 on Imp Berserk and I didn't get Rampage. 8 points in Prot to get Incite +15% crit on HS, Tclap, and Cleave. I have a mix of BT/S4 and 2 tokens from Sunwell. Dual wielding Warglaive for MH and Swiftstell Bludgeon on my OH. Read here why I chose the offhand.

I am very pleased with the results I have gotten. Yesterday I posted I broke 2200 DPS and max deep wound tick is 2400 damage this is boring for some of my readers but hey that was my record haha.

Last night here was my highest dps during KJ attempts

I broke 2400 dps! Cairnexus is Steve btwy if you read my last post about warrior dps. He is specced 15/46/0 and is a beast on the meters he broke 3500 dps last night lolwhut?

And my highest deep wound tick ....

Max 3849 Dmg Tick ^_^. I'm slowly getting up there with the Big boys not quite yet but I'm on the right track.

Let's stop and check what else is going on there.

1. Do you see whats the % of HS? I was spamming it like shadowbolts haha <3.

2. No executes on the chart. We didnt get him to 20% the time I took SS. I'm curious if it will up my dps to spam HS and executes(both rage dumps so really risky being rage starve) or I'm better off sticking with my HS spams. We'll see on Sunday.

3. Deep wounds is a big part of my DPS, close to 30%. Fast offhand ftw?

What did I do different from the other night?

a.) Well I got a new helm from Illidari council from the last time I recorded my data. I replaced my S4 helm with it no meta gem bonus though on both.

b.) I also regemmed some of my 10str to 5str/crit. I wanted to replace more but I might get new gloves, belt or gasp... shoulders and legs? gloves and belt sounds more realistic due to the line ahead of me.

c.) I used sharpening stones on both of my weapons +14crit on each weapon +12 dmg(I'm not sure about this one).

d.) We had a feral druid who kept mangle up. Really nice boost to Deep Wounds.

Again the purpose of this spec is to crit as much as you can and as fast as you can to keep deep wounds rolling. I keep repeating this because this is a new school of thought for warriors that I have to remind myself everynow and then.

I'm not sure if this is everything that contributed for the 200+dps increase and the +1400dmg on Deep wounds. But this is all I can think of for now. Now I want to do more ... am I greedy or what? It's me being competitive I guess and the pleasures and pains of experimenting gear and specs is what drives me. Did I mentioned it's fun?

My Homework:

1. Enchant my offhand *edit I just did last night after raid with mongoose.

2. Decide what I want to do with Sunmotes when it's my turn. I want the leather gloves but the plate gloves is also tempting hmmm.... any suggestions?

3. Need more haste and crit .... yeah ...

4. I'd like to try 53/8 with my new bracers, boots and helm see what numbrs I come up with a new weapon would be awesome. And eventually 15/46/0.

If you want to try this spec and have any question or you have any suggestions please feel free to comment or stop by Eredar server to say whats up.


If you want to try this spec with incite IT IS HIGHLY ADVISABLE you have a feral druid in the raid or another fury warrior with rampage. 5% crit is alot especially if your spec is highly dependent on that stat.

Also you want to have near if not over 60% crit on Heroic strikes or else you will just be disappointed.

Arms spec is more forgiving if you don't have the right gear. I'm a big fan of fury that's why I don't stick to Arms spec for now so please attempt at your own risk with this spec(15/38/8). If you do decide gratz! Have fun!

BT Drive IN ... may I take your order?

Like most of the WOW blogging community I'm here to post our first night on BT after Patch 3.0. I'll post meaty stuff after this.

Najentus ~ 25% after the first Bubble. he died shortly after
Supremus ~ We just went straight to him. Didn't bother to clear Trash. When he reached Phase 2 he was dead after 10-15 sec
Akama ~ LOL
Teron ~ I broke 3k dps yay for me! He didnt get to cast his 2nd curse.
Bloodboil ~ People still died but we got the kill anyway
ROS ~ I was pullng 2900 DPS on this one. Hilarious!
Mother Sharaz ~ They told us don't wear SR gear if you want. F that I dont wanna die! I put on 2-3 SR gear and I still pulled 2800 dps
Council ~ We wiped /sigh like 2-3 times on the pull. I died like a nub on the Consecrate .... at 98%! I got the helm though!
Illidan ~ he never went to Demon form and was alot easier than council.

This drive in loot took 2 hours. Next post is about my test on my specs ^_^

Thursday, October 23, 2008

LF buttons to spam for 3kDPS PST ...

Last night I started with my 53/8 Arms spec but ... using MH Warglaive and Muramusa for offhand, it was doing ok but here are the problems I ran into:

1. If I hit a window where Sudden Death or Taste of Blood doesn't proc I'm stuck with spamming Mortal Strike or Heroic Strike or I just rage starve myself. *Note I didnt have the heroic strike glyph at this point.

2. I couldnt decide on what rotations to use. When I was using 2H I do rend->ms->slam(till MS is up) If OP or execute lits up they are my priority with execute>op. Now dual wielding with this spec felt kinda weird. I wanna incorporate Heroic Strike but I just got lost. Granted this was my first time last night.

3. My deepwounds wouldnt roll high as I would like them to. I think my highest was only 1k tick. So pretty weak imo.

4. My dps was fluctuating it was sometimes 100-200 dps lower when using my 2H with 53/8 which is around 1600-1800 on trash. On boss I didn't even dare cause I know it was slightly lower using 2H. I just use my 2H on bosses i got around 1800-2k dps so it's still good.

My friend steve was rolling with 15/46/0 Fury. He was breaking 3kdps from time to time. He has the same spec with the guys who broke 3.5k-4kdps. I checked recount and Heroic Strikes and Deep wounds were 2 of his DPS sources. He said he was just spamming HS. He's deepwounds was rolling around 3400 at one point in KJ later. Pretty beast. So I decided to respec fury after Felmyst but this time ...

I went with 15/38/8. Speccing Incite and grabbing the Heroic glyph from the bank. I didn't grab rampage cause I know steve had it. I also gemmed my stuff with 5str/5crit well some of them.

With this spec I was still using Warglaive for MH and Muramusa for OH. Again here were my observations

1. With Incite spec my Heroics Strike crit chance was around 55-60% add the glyph where I get 10 rage everytime I crit means my next Heroic strike cost 2 rage(I spec Imp HS) and then I just spam it. Is this sick or what?

2. DPS was better but I coudln't break the 2kdps mark. I broke 2100 dps mark with 2H 53/8/0 spec and I know I got better weapons with DW so I wanna break that mark.

3. Deepwounds Tick stuck around 1400 dmg ... I know rolling deepwounds is the key in breaking the 3kdps mark. So I needed a way to make this tick harder.

4. Everytime Steve dies I get crit starve and rage starve. He's specced rampage which gives the raid 5% crit. Amazing how 5% crit can do to your spec.

After the first wipe on Muru I switched my offhand and was using Swift Steel Bludgeon(sp?). This weapon has no enchant at all ... I just happened to have this in bag for arenas when i switch to shield and board. Reason for testing this weapon's speed is me hoping to get more hits in before Deep wounds expire to stack it and spamming HS till my hearths content.

Again same spec but a faster, lower dps, lower damage range, no enchant offhand. Here again are the observation

1. My deepwounds highest tick for the night was 2400. New record for me! I know I can get this higher with the right gear, gems, enchant. It's not nowhere near as steve's 3400 tick but hey ill take it. I guess me taking a chance on a LOL weapon compare to what i was using paid off.

Now I would imagine If I had mongoose enchant on the swifty mace it would tick alot higher. It just sucks that I just enchanted mongoose on my Muramusa >_<.

2. I broke 2200 dps mark on KJ. I was jusn't expecting it using an inferior mace.

3. Whenever steve dies, my dps goes down. Same issue. Don't die plz.

My homework:

A.) Stack more Crit and haste. Evaluate my gear to see what areas I can sacrifice for more Crit and haste. I'll start looking at my hit rating and AP see if I can swap things out.

B.) I need to ask the warriors who has been doing this incite spec their rotations. Because I was just basically spamming Heroics strikes and hit BS and WW when its up, no kidding really I spammed my way to 2200 DPS. Now I know how it fees to be like a lock in raid spamming haha <3.>

I have to remember that the warriors doing 3.5k-4kDPs gear are way way way way better than mine and their stats are just fucking beast. So me expecting the same results with my gear is just insanity. The goal of all these testing is to see how much dps i can pump out with my current gear.

*NOTE I will post SS of Recount later this afternoon. All the SS are at my PC at home.

Not just another Sunwell night.

Nope. Last night I finally got some t6 tokens(boots and bracers!)from sunwell for dps =) making it my 4 piece bonus DPS set. But I only see three hercy poo! Well my 4th one is the helm but I'm wearing S4 helm to stack up on crit to see how well I roll those deep wounds better I'll definitely try the 4 piece bonus. T6 tier pieces from Sunwell as you know are ridiculously good. Each of those 2 pieces gave at least 30 dps increase ...
Anyway so we started late again .... see a trend here? We got disconnected while fighting Kalegcos got him the 2nd time. As we wer fighting Brutallus we got DC again ... this time our server got greyed out ... lol? We came back and beat his ass. Muru took 2-3 attempts we had problems timing killing Muru and Sentinels but in the end we were the victor! Got to KJ before 12 so were feeling pretty good despite the late start and all the DCs. Sadly we couldn't get the kill >_> People are still killing each other with Fireblooms! /sigh We'll do BT first tonight(our GM won't be on till 10) then well finish our business with KJ.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Warrior DPS spec's and Deepwounds

Information here is nothing new I'm just trying to get all the information I have absorbed in the past few days and try to make some sense with it however feel free to read thru.

Browsing thru the websites(tankspot and elitist jerks) these are the specs that are working right now for warriors PVE wise.

Arm 53/8/0 - Heavy reliance on RNG. You specc ToB to get Sudden to proc, thats your goal. This is usually done with 2H but I have seen alot of people doing it with 2 1hs.

Fury 15/46/0 - Get deep wounds in arms and put eveything in Fury. You don't have to get rampage if there is a feral druid in the raid.

Fury 15/38/8 - Speccing Incite and deep wounds then put everything in Fury. I'll skip rampage and bloodsurge. Reason for incite will be discussed soon.

All of these specs are viable and with sunwell/bt gear will do awesome. The reports of warriors doing 3.5k-4k dps on bosses ... got most of their damage from Deep Wounds.

If you don't know by now. Deep wounds mechanic has been changed they made so we can "roll" deep wounds and they will keep stacking as long as you crit while deep wounds is active. That's why you see screenshots of deepwounds doing 1,500-10,000 per tick(I just saw someone who had 11k tick deep wounds... lolwhut?).

What does it mean for me? I realize I need a new school of thought. So here's what I've gathered so far on what I need to do.

1. Stack crit and haste to take advantage of Deep wounds and it helps if I'm arms spec(read upcoming changes below). I need a plan to regem my stuff I don't want to blindly regem everything. I might need to switch some gears out to get some decent crit and haste rating.

Don't get so much crit that you will sacrifice AP, if you do that you'll hit like a pansy.

2. I realize Arms still the way to go with all the reports and testings. Succesful Fury dps breaking the 3500-4k mark usually uses dual glaives and are really really geared. I'm not that geared from sunwell so I might stick to arms. I also need a fast offhand if I'm going with dual 1hs arms or fury.

3. Do some test on my own. I will try all the 3 specs I mentioned. Next on my list is Arms dual wielding 1hs and Fury with incite spec. I'll make some post and provide SS next time.

Upcoming Changes in Patch 3.0.3

Sudden proc will no longer be 30% chance on crit rather it will be 10% chance on hit. They made this change because blizzard wants to see warriors using swords and maces and prevent people on just stacking crit.

Things to watch for ....

As always prepare for changes don't overcommit to a spec but believe me I understand min/max.

As it stands right now if specced/gemmed/enchanted right deepwounds is something to really think about if you want to up your dps. Expect nerf(fix?) on deepwounds in the near future if this keeps up.

If you want to study more I suggest going to Tankspot or elitist jerks forum or hey do some test on your own.

Comments and suggestions are always welcomed!

No Raid for you!

The server was being laggy around 7ish pm server time

When the time for invites came we were lacking a healer or 2. Waited a couple min bam! healers online.

When we were ready to raid for some reason Sunwell Instance was down for us ...

After waiting almost an hour when we did get inside Sunwell the server was being laggy again ....

GM called the raid early and I decided hey lets get some levels for my alts. Me and wife were questing at Unguro hoping to hit 57 and eventually, sure enough, we get the message ...


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Kil'Jaeden = DEAD

Burning Crusade content is cleared! This is alot better ending than what happened before expansion pre-bc where we got up to Khel'Thuzzad but never downed him. It would have been sweeter to kill him pre-patch and killing him at this state is really nothing to brag about but I'll take the achievement anyway thank you very much and being 3rd in the server well I'll just ^_^ about that.
We started late around 8:30 then took another 30 minutes to do some dry runs for positioning. We got him down below 10% twice but somehow people are dying ... Raid was scheduled to stop at 12 midnight but we all knew we can make the kill last night. So we sucked it up and got the kill before 1am heck even the wife stayed up late to watch the kill.
Gratz to Kauzstecks(sp?) for the Legendary Bow! Welcome to the Orange Club bro! Grats to Elgro for the helm and Yeitah for the Gloves.

Look at the DPS meter. Of course hunters and the retadin are doing sick dmg but do you see all the Arms warriors up there? LOLWHUT? It's crazy how blizzard made a 360 degree turn on where Arms was on raid. All 3 of us were doing 2k-2100 dps on the last few attempts.

So what do we do from here? Well like my GM said last night hopefully this was not our last raid. We will continue to do raids as long as people show up to get some upgrades/complete sets. WE will prolly be doing Sunwell tonight hopefully clear all the way to KJ again then beat up BT for legendary weapons then call it good for the week. That sounds like a plan to me.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Oppurtunity Cost

I and the wifey are using Recruite-A-Friend program to make a bunch of toons. First run we made a shaman/warlock combo with a rogue. Now they're are all lvl 60. We also made druids both 55 now. When these druids hit 60 I now have 90 levels to give to my toons. K lets stop for a sec so we can see my options.

I can

a. Level a toon 1-60 and another toon 1-30 instantly = 1 lvl 60, 1 30

b. Level a toon 1-60 instantly, level another toon to 30 then give him the 30 levels to make him 60 = 2 lvl 60s

c. Level 3 toons to lvl 30 and then give each of them the last 30 levels = 3 lvl 60s

My RAF bonus expires at Nov 11. Wotlk comes out Nov 13. See the problem here? I want to finish a bunch of achievements on my main before Expac comes out but I want to take advantage of this RAF program while I still have it so when the time comes I wanna level another alt I don't have to start at lvl 1 with the normal leveling pace up to lvl 80. Hmmm. what to do what to do. I will most likely have a Pally then a Priest then if I manage to do option c it will be a Mage. =)

Achievements, Hallowed Ends, Reputations

Friday night did some BGs with guildies. We did Warsong and we decided to get the achievement Not in my house where you kill the FC before they leave your Flagroom. Other people were getting pissy at us for not going on offense but w/e we want our achievement! I didn't win AV so I'm not surprised really. After that me and the wifey leveled our druids got them to 51 woot HELLO UNGURO!

It's Hallowed End time! Made a group to do Headless Hourseman Saturday and Sunday morning and we got the same rings over and over ... no mount or non combat pet /sigh I'll try again tonight.

Saturday night me and the wife did more leveling but when I was on my alt my guild killed Prophet Velen of Exodar (lolwut?). Yup you snooze you lose i guess =/. We tried going for Tyrande in Darnassus but Alliance got the memo >_>.

oh yeah btw before i forget a Recruit-A-Friend tip from me to you
If you go to inns and grab some candy from the pumpkin with your leveling buddy you get a decent xp =) (remeber no more triple xp when ur above lvl 60). I got a level on both of my toons just by visiting inns in Kalimdor.

Sunday morning I did a bunch of achievements and getting some Reputations to exalted here are some of them .....

Classic Raider achievement- check
ZG Exalted - check
Cenarion Circle Exalted - check
Masquarade Achievement - check
Visit all inns at Kalimdor - check

I have Tedrasil left to explore in Kalimdor I'm just afraid of those lvl 75 and lvl ?? guards in Darnassus ... can't wait to explore Eastern Kingdoms!

Sunday night we made a bunch of attempts on KJ. Raid leader called it early seeing we need a new strat on how to handle the clusterfuck, props on him. Read my post below regarding my thoughts on raiding as arms/fury.

I didn't get to test Arms pvp wise as much as I would like. I was caught up on leveling alts and doing achievements.

Overall productive WOW weekend for me and the wife. Nothing much else to say but we most certainly enjoyed our weekend. PZ

P.S. Sorry about the post being unorganized

Making the switch Fury -> Arms

I did it last night in between attempts on Kil'Jaeden. I was doing fine as a 1h dw fury but it just seemed I coudln't go above 1300-1400dps consistenly on kj. What really pushed me to try arms was I was hovering around 9th-10th spot in dps but my fellow warrior who is Arms can go anywhere from 3rd-6th. So hey rather than risk getting replaced I specced arms and wow even with my mace spec I had

7600+ execute(lolwhut?)
1100 Deep Wounds tick .... can u say OP?

I was able to pull 1700-1800 dps as Arms at the end in the last 2 attempts where I started to get the hang of the rotation. Speaking of which ... there is no rotation for arms pve it's just a priority of which talents to use if its up due to the RNG nature of the spec.

Why is this late that I changed spec? Well prolly because I'm using a Warglaive and Muramusa as my 1h weapons =/ I couldn't let go of my leet weapon but due to the patch changes looks like I have to go Arms to maximize my toon and do my best for the raid.

One theory I think why Fury is lagging now is prolly due to the change of how Rampage works and how buffs are not stacking anymore as a 3.0 1h Fury warrior, raid buffed, I can't break 4-5k AP like I did before so although my hits are still coming in fast it's not as furious as before.

If you have any suggestions on arms pve spec or fury spec feel free to say hi ingame or leave a comment.

Tomorrow when we have a fresh sunwell I'll post some SS of recount to do some analysis of how I use my GCD and abilities as Arms.

Friday, October 17, 2008

3.0 for raiding guilds

Last night we got Twins(SS) and Muru(another SS!) down for the 1st time. We weren't expecting to down Muru at all last night ... so when we got to Kiljaeden the first few minutes in vent were "oh ok i guess thats bad", "hmm i guess we better stay away from that", "wow wtf happened?". Wiping on a new boss for the first time as a guild is certainly fun and one of the few times where if u messed up and run around like a noob is certainly ok and sometimes hilarious. So as it stands killing KJ or clearing The Burning Crusade (I like the latter) is in the horizon and only a matter of weeks if not days.

But some of u might say "but u guys did it after nerf lolz l2p" well ... a cleared content is a cleared content =). At least we got to see the final boss in BC if anything. I can also imagine what this patch did for other raiding guilds. Guilds are taking bosses down left and right from Archimonde to Illidan to KJ. I really like the nerf. From a developer/designers perspective what good are boss fights/instances I designed if only less than 1% of the population will see it(like what happened to Naxx sadly). Don't get me wrong there are bosses out there where HP nerf barely matters because its more of a coordination fight(felmyst and twins comes to mind) but I really appreciate this move to let more people see the content Ty Blizz!

Warriors in 3.0

Been playing the standard dual wield 1handers fury spec and even after the patch I'm still using dual wield 1handers. My dps did go up a little ... but not compared to Arms. I'm not calling a nerf to Arms but holy deep wounds batman I saw one of those tick for 1k ... 1k let that sink in ur thoughts for a sec. K done? With overpower and executes proccing here and there yeah gg ... I thought they eliminated mace stun cause of RNG >_> anyway this is better imo.

My suggestions for fury

Buff Bloodsurge - It has been suggeted all over the internetz that make this talent proc off any yellow attack crit or make it a 100% guaranntee to proc on Bloodthirst. Also please give Fury warriors more buttons to push ... - Like my other fellow fury warriors, complaints about the rotation being boring especially now we don't have to watch for Rampage(oh noes 5 sec left i have to crit and push a button!)

I will try Arms though this weekend for some BG/Arena fun. Raid wise though I will definetly go Arms pve spec next time we raid unless we don't have a feral druid so I can keep rampage up.

Yes Yes I know it will be balance out at lvl 80 well sorta. Arms warriors are doing around 5kdps in beta naxx atm. If this keeps up then I will have to make the switch permanent cause I really don't wanna gimp myself for the raid.


Hi! Just started this blog this morning. Blog will be mainly about my main warrior doing some raids and pvp.