Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Wrath, mixed feelings here ...

Ah yes the last week of raiding TBC dungeons before we move on to leveling mode.

I only got back in the game around March 2008. Last time I quit the game was around Dec 2006 right before TBC's release.I didn't get to level on the swarmed hellfire peninsula like others have mentioned so this upcoming expansion is new and exciting for me.

I know I'll definetely have fun leveling, discovering new zones and doing some sweet dungeon crawling.

Once we hit Lvl 80 and we are starting to organize raids for Naxx it will be a different story ... the guild has just mass recruited, inluding allies that rerolled, tons of players and I mean TONs. 99% of them are really good players pve and pvp competitive.

No spot is guaranteed in Naxx(except for the GM and Co-GM) raiding so I expect a fierce competition amongst us especially with all the skilled players in the guild.

Part of me is excited while the other part is afraid that I won't make the cut ... and get sit out, miss the first kills, or worse get booted =X

The co-gm atm is my old officer back in my old guild, he's an awesome guy and knows what he's talking about so I know the guild will be pushed to its limits to progress as fast as it can.

I have no doubt the guild will nab some Horde first or even server first kills in our servers I'm just not sure if I'll be included in the "core group" and I really want to. Of course we can't have everything in life =P.

If I don't get in the core group then I'll go from there but for now I'll show up for raids with my consumables, right enchants, right mindset, play well and hope for the best.

So now your prolly asking "why do you put yourself in that position?" or suggest "enjoy the game, relax, and find a more casual guild". Well ... I like raiding =) especially when I raid with players who do well in it, with players who has the same goal ... win!

I take pride in the fact that yes we were one of the first ones to beat this encounter =) Selfish? maybe. Satisfied? Yes. I'll make another follow up post concerning the thoughts of a raider.

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