Monday, November 10, 2008

Do you Gank(grief) alliance/horde?

I was questing on my feral druid(lvl 64 wooo!) around Cenarion Thicket just outside Shat. As I was just doing my own thing a lvl 65 boomkin doing the same quest. So I did a /wave to him and he /wave back. Awesome! We can now quest in peace or do we?

Right after that I tagged a mob for the quest. When I was around 80% this boomkin started attacking, wow really?! I just shapeshifted to travel form and started to run while the mob was on me, maybe I should have just attacked him /shrug.

In the end he + an ally rogue who came out of nowhere got me ... I was pissed maybe because I got interrupted on my quest or maybe the fact that he decided to attack me when I thought it was going ot be ok.

So I logged on Herc and went to the area where I was questing. I found him did a /point, /fist then proceeded to kill him. He rezzed so I killed him again and again and again about 5 times. There were other allies near him but I just did a /wave to them.

I thought I was gonna feel bad camping a low lvl player but I did enjoyed it ... alot. I wanted him to know that yes that was my alt that you backstabbed earlier you alliance scum! Sorry about that ally bloggers the moment caught me =)

Oh well its PVP server. How I wish sometimes I went full carebear but then I would miss out on giving back the favor.

/rant off


Chad S. said...

I usually /poke people. If I get any sort of response, I /smile, /pat, and fly off.

If I don't get a response, I assume its someone with no sense of humor, and/or a bot/farmer. Then I off them. Those 100,000 HKs are going to fill themself!

I will, however, be participating in the semi-unspoken truce in the days following release.

Darraxus said...

I play on an RP server so there is very little ganking although I used to love to fly around between arenas when the queues sucked and kill anyone who was flagged.

Blackthought / Deathwing said...

How can you not like ganking? On a pvp server it is the soul of the game. I gank and get ganked and even when it is it’s most annoying (corssroads lvl 70 v lvl 24) I still understand the idea behind it all and in fact IMHO it is more RP than anything. I mean if you were really an Orc and stumbled across a castle full of your enemy AND you could single handedly destroy the whole damn place you would.

I generally don’t kill people 8 levels below me, but if you see me and you’re my level or 8 levels lower, fair warning I’m going to attack you...I expect the same.

And if you don’t like it...there are RP servers for a reason.