Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Warrior PVE DPS at Naxx

Is not pretty. I was doing more damage when I was 70! Seriously. So frustrating. I was at 3k DPS on Brutallus and now I'm stuck at 2400 on Patchwerk ... wtf?

I know i know, crit/hit ratings have been changed for lvl 80 that we need more =). It' s just the warriors are the most gear dependent class be it Tank or DPS.

I can't wait to cross that line ,just like prebc and TBC, where warrior's gear starts scaling exponentially.

More gear -> hit harder -> more rage -> spam abilities -> hit more -> more rage -> and so on and so forth.

I just hope I start crossing that line after I get all my epic stuff.

My current spec is Arms. I specced Bladestorm and I spent the rest in Fury till Imp Execute.

It is just frustrating right now to be at the bottom of the charts when I'm really doing my best like pots, food, get heroic gear, strict on my dps rotations etc.

I got 2 dps ring upgrades since patchwerk and I'm missing 4 emblems till my t7 gloves. I'm also planning to regem my sockets to favor crit and expertise.

So next week should be different .. should be.


Warcraft said...

Grats on your sheild! Just wondering what type of food, pot, elixirs your using in raids?

Funeral said...

The gear issue is the sole reason I didn't roll another warrior when I switched servers. The thought of having to go through every 2-3 levels as I leveled the character and grab new gear annoyed me. Then I wouldn't have geared up on the 70 epics because of the push for 80... I said forget it.

Good luck.

Herc said...


I'm using the Crit/Stam Food atm. I also use the new 150g Atk Power Flask.