Friday, November 14, 2008

Hello Howling Fjord!

I logged in around 5pm. I decided to hit up Howling Fjord even though I leveled up in Borean at Beta ... So the first time experience was definetely there. I want to see the Undead's side of the story leading up to the events at the wrath gate.

The Zone was very well done add the awesome quests and it's just pure win from there. There were some quest where I had to wait for a respawn but it was expected plus the wait wasn't that long anyway. Overall people were nice in inviting you to groups when you both of you are doing the same quest heck even allies weren't ganking at howling. I only killed 2 allies while questing around the spider area cause they were ganking a fellow horde damn them!

Did a run on Utgarde keep after I got the third quest. I couldn't find any tanks so I just slapped on some tank gear as Fury. Pretty easy run I don't think we used any strat at all we just zerged them lol. I still have not turned in my quests for UK. I'll just wait till I'm ready to leave Howling.

DING! After less than 4 hours I has gained a level! I stopped last night after I hit up New Agamand. I have done all the quest prior to this area including group/instance quest except for one .... the quest where you have to kill elementals NW of Camp Winterhoof. Spawn rate just sucks for them I dunno why.

Hopefully I'll be done with Howling Fjord later tonight so I can move onto Borean Tundra and then to Dragon blight. My goal is to hit 72.5 by the end of tonight or 73 =).

I can't wait to do the Wrath Gate quest line!

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Darraxus said...

Most of my play time will come on Saturday and Sunday. Hopefully I can gain a level or two then.