Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Let the Raiding begin!

Officer in our guild just posted groups for 10mans. I'm not on the "A" team but they put me as a tank on the other 10 man. Although I'm dps spec right now they know that I tanked Naxx prebc heck I raided with them prebc so I guess that's why.

Although I'm not in the balls to the walls Team I'm still excited tanking again ^_^. So umm.. prolly expect this blog to include some tanking discusions and prolly bug my fellow tank warriors like Yakra haha. Now I have to seriously look for upgrades from heroics, badges, crafting to not fail the other 9 raiders.

Raid leader mentioned that I can bid on both dps and tank gear because I'm DPS during the 25man runs. Wootsauce! More about raiding this week!


Esdras said...

Im really looking forward to raiding but at the moment it seems so far away.

Will maybe need to pull thge finger out where leveling is concerned.

Chad S. said...

Sounds Exciting!

I'm still plugging away, but I'm hoping to get a good bit of leveling done over the weekend.

Feel free to ask away, either here, my blog, or on the WoWhead Warrior Forums.