Thursday, November 13, 2008

First Day at Wrath

I told myself I wasn't going to the midnight release but alas the wife just had to brought it up last night and that was all I needed to join this madness. We left home around 12:05

Got our copy around 12:30, headed home. Upgraded account even before installing the game. Finished installing the game around 1:10am. I turned in around 18 daily quest + 3 lvl 70 quest which got me around 3 bars and a half(not bad) then I went to bed ...

As much as I would like to do some quest with my friends who was doing an all nighter I couldn't >_< I got work /sad. It would have to wait till tonight before I set off to Northrend.

I logged in couple mins ago to make sure Herc got everything before the journey tonight. I saw about 4+ of my guildmates lvl 72 already!

At least Herc is getting some rested xp since last night. I'll prolly burn thru it within an hour but who cares it's free xp! I'm usually pretty good in questing so we'll see.

I'm scheduled to be off on Monday so I'll have 3 days of fun. Goal is to get 2 levels per day in that 3 day weekend. So maybe 76-78 around monday night? I'll keep you updated.

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