Thursday, November 20, 2008

4H Down & more Heroics

We didn't had the heals for Patchwerk yet so instead of banging our heads on him we decided to head onto the Military Quarter

Instructor Razuvious

This guy hits so hard that it's impossible to have a player MT him the whole time. So you mind control one of his students to tank him after that you get the next student to tank and so forth. Sounds easy right? Yup! If I remember right this is one of the fights where Blizzard took priest out of their normal Whak-a-mole playstyle.

Gothik the Harvester

You divide the group by 2, one on the living side one on the undead side. You basically have to survive a series of waves. This is the hard part, not the boss. Once it's done the boss comes down and you get your loot. Note though that whoever is tanking him gets a debuff that reduces their stat by 10% and stacks all the way to 100% so your DPS needs to be alive when he gets down.

We had trouble at dividing which side needs more DPS but we got it down.

The Four Horsemen

It took our old guild a month to beat the original 4H event but it was worth it. It's still challenging and requires players to be pay attention but for those who has done this before it's easymode.

It is ,like I said, still a test of raid coordination and somewhat of a gear check. SW raiding guilds shouldn't have a problem.

A badd ass tanking sword drop last night and I can't remember the name ... just look it up =P it looks sexy too.

The raid was called early cause we did not want to waste time on Patchwerk but rather they just did some 10mans to get some upgrades(I had to go to bed >_>).


One thing ... Heroics are hard again!

Heroic The Unculling of Stratlehome

Wow just wow. Nice instance here. This has a timer like the Bear runs on ZA where you get a mount if you finish the instance in 20min. Doing this on heroic with a tank who is not def cap is hella hard. We wiped like 4 times on the trash =P and once on the first boss.

Heroic Hall of Stones

First boss was like Maiden. Easy stuff. She puts a blackhole in the ground which is used by the tank and healer to break the upcoming CC. Pretty cool. Pvp Trinket works here too

Second boss has a mechanic like Gruul where he shatters. He yells "ha.. ha" when someone dies on your party.

Ok the part where you escort Bronzebeard and protect him is really hard(duh its heroic). We wiped so many times it was ridiculous. Good thing by the time everybody died Bronzebeard was finished LOL. So our shaman ankhed and rezzed us while there was a speech going on.

Third boss you just assign dps to kill slimes, you get reinforcements and you collect badges and loots.

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