Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Realm First, Titles, and Naxx

Last night we ventured into the Heroic Obsidian Sanctum. With only 23 people we managed to defeat Sartharion and nabbed a server first, achievement and a title "Obsidian Slayer Herc" awesome to know were the only 23 people in the whole server who can sport that title =).

After that we ventured into the Heroic Naxx Raid. Entering this instance again brought up memories both good and bad.

After only 2 pulls the instance server started to shit on us. Took about 20-30 min before our characters were unstuck and started clearing.

We cleared Spider wing and Plague wing. We ALMOST had no one die on Heingan <_> but we had someone who misstep the dance. We headed off to Abom wing and our Raid leader had fun with a priest whose never been to Naxx =)

They told him to get in the middle slimes and fear them ... of course he died on the way. Everyone had a good laugh. That's why I like raiding in this guild. Yes we are a min/max guild but you don't really hear yelling. In fact I haven't heard Jiv yell at us. He just reminds us that he will replace us if we keep messing up and/or not pulling our own weight.

We were stuck at Patchwerk and after 4 attempts it clearly shows we need more gear. Wiping on him as tanks were dieng certainly brought up memories ... mmmm those were the days. We were going to do DK wing but couple people had to leave(including me).

So here's hoping we get enough gear for our tanks this week and next week to get that server first on clearing Heroic Naxx. Achievements are nice but I want another unique title =P

EDIT: I got my first 25man Naxx loot last night which replaced my t6 boots. It has tons of hit so I might start leaning towards TG. More on Warrior DPS post as soon as I get some decent gear from heroics, badges and naxx so expect some theorycrafting soon.

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Chad S. said...

Awesome Server Firsts!

Those titles will never grow old.