Monday, November 10, 2008

3 nights left and I'm still not ready

Here are my plans for the remaining nights before Expansion comes out.

Outland Loremaster Achiement - I only need Blades Edge Mountain. Gotta get this done. I want that Title Loremaster dammit!

Fix my Bag/Bank Inventory - This is a big one but I can't find the fortitude to sit and sort thru my bag/bank. Everytime I attempt it, I tend to doze off and my mind wanders O_O. Regardless I need the bagspace when leveling up.

Level fishing! During those times when I'm online but can't really play I just fish. I just press 2!

Level Druid to at least 69 - my new primary alt. I plan on leveling this druid whenever I get the chance. He's my enchanter and miner/skinner(not sure yet) so it will help me in alleviating the expenses of raiding. Plus I now want to try healing! Scary huh?

Help the wife level to get lvl 65 on one of her toons. She is enjoying leveling and doing some crafting at the same time but she also wants to do 5man/10mans now, wow what a big jump from just being my AV bot to hit spacebar back in May of this year.

Save up as many lvl 70 daily quest as I can on Wednesday to turn them in on Thursday when I do get the game. Dailies won't give you as much xp like the quests in Northrend but if you have completed them anyway and all you gotta do is turn them in ... why not?

PVP! I'm still not honor cap but I'm close.

I don't plan on participating on the midnight release, I got work on Thursday! I did plan on taking a day of leave but it's not til Monday next week. Hopefully lag and server issues has been fixed around that time. I will prolly be lvl 80 around 2-3 weeks. It depends if we do alot of dungeon crawling.

To my fellow WoWers(lolwhut?) I wish you good luck on w/e plans you set out to do before WoTLK.


ArmsandFury said...


I wanna know how the hell we both play Tauren Warriors named herc/k and have Druids as alts...

How does that happen?!

Herc said...

Herk was the first name I had in mind so it won't sound like Hercules but it was taken so I just named it Herc.

When I made my toon back in Dec 2004 I knew I wanted to smash things so I picked Taurens for their size.