Monday, November 3, 2008

Specced Prot this weekend


This is what I kept seeing in trade chat and even find myself doing it friday night and Saturday morning. So you know what I did? I specced Prot for the weekend! This is the first I specced prot since ... I forgot already =(.

Tanking as Prot was really really easy, especially on the AOE packs. I usually charge -> Thunderclap, bunch them up, Shockwave, Thunderclap and were good =).

I'll only run into a problem if it wasnt me or the hunter that pulled, not enough rage to pull of the above combo and dpsers attack, or dps just attacks right away ... really easy.
I'm glad I spent 50g to respec, it was worth it. My damage is not a joke either, 2k+ Shield slam is a norm. Sometimes I would end up placing 2nd or 3rd in overall dmg.

Doing dailies also went smooth. A rogue tried to gank me. If I was fury even with my epix I would have died to the chain stun lock but that wasnt the case with my tank gear and spec =) needless to say I took out the dawnblade mobs(there was 2) + the rogue with full health. Another rogue tried to kill me, but failed, while I was fishing in Feralas(what is up with the ganking rogues?).

High survivability + 3 stuns + burst dmg + 4 oh shit buttons = I win.

Anyway back to our main topic ...

Herc tanks heroics! Part 2
Well I specced Prot right? The wife had to work this weekend /sad so I just did what I do best ... play WoW!

Saturday - Finished up Heroic BM, Heroic(H) Durnholde, H Crypts, H Mana tombs, H Sethekk Halls, H Mech, and H Botanica

Sunday - H Magister's Terrace, H Ramp, H Blood Furnace, H Shattered Halls, H Shadow Lab, and H Aractraz

Now that I look at the list, holy crap that's alot of tanking in a weekend. Well last nigh after H Arcatraz I finally finished this achievement ...

A great bonus was me seeing some 5man content I've never been in. See I just got back in the game around March and I've only done about 3-4 5mans. I had to tell my group

Hey guys I'm tanking. I've never tanked this before so just tell me anything I need to know about bosses/mobs. Lets do it up!

We had some wipes but it went pretty good overall. I almost had the same group for all the Heroics.

Up Next ... Zul'Aman I'm looking at you! I have the bow and axe from Zul'jin but I didn't get the credit? Go figure.


Syanide said...

Hey Herc you posted over at my site thecombatlog so I've been reading yours.

I recently leveled a warrior and have been doing some 5 mans, good to see others enjoying the new prot spec. It's alot of fun.

Now the choice...rogue or warrior for Wrath, we'll see.

Herc said...

It is alot of fun =). I've been thinking about leveling prot mainly because it's the anti-gank spec and me being on a pvp servere hmmm....

Go warrior =P