Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Royal Crest of Lordaeron

Is mine!

We cleared 25man naxx and 25 man Obsidian Sanctum but was up till 2am ... yeah never gonna do that again. I got some nice DPS ring upgrades last night but I also got some new tanking shoulders.

Stats are mainly for DKs imo but the DK already got the chestpiece for tanking offspec on an earlier boss so the shoulders was given to me for offspec also =P. Hooray for offspecs!

We won't do Malygos till Sunday prolly. Raid leaders wants us to branch out tonight and do our respective 10man naxx group assignments mainly to get gear and second to get used to 10man malygos ... that way it will be easier on 25mans if everybody already did the 10man version.

I will be offtanking our 10man group tonight. Hopefully we get far and I get some decent DPS/Tank upgrade. I just need 4 more to get my t7 dps gloves which will make the total emblems looted = 100 emblems.

How are your leveling experience going? You guys had a chance to do some heroic runs yet? I'd love to hear how everybody is enjoying the game right now.


Brandon said...

Enjoying the game a lot more at 80 than I was leveling up lol. I think some of the Heroics are pretty cool. Halls of Lightning is amazing to me and I cant wait for the Ulduar raid. Naxx is way different than Sunwell but I think its just as fun. Most of that has to be because its my first time in seeing the place. So while everyone is already bored of it Im loving it.

Hudson said...

Well done!

Hudson said...

Oh and Herc I added you to my blogroll over on

Kinzlayer said...

Still farming cloth so haven't done heroics as of yet, omg with the reduced cloth drop rate.

Herc said...


I thought tailors had the ability/talent/item to up the drop rate for cloths?

Or is it just that bad? You know With all the cloth I saved up 70-80 I only managed to make 2 Frostweave bag... I thought I was gonna be able to make more

Darraxus said...

Grats on the shield. As soon as I hit 80 im going after that badboy...and the new version of the suneater.