Thursday, November 13, 2008

Am I leveling too fast?

I've seen a bunch of post today regarding people that rush their way to lvl 80 and how are they greedy/no lifers/hardcore cry babies. Please don't hate. Hopefully I provide an insight for those haters why people rush to 80.

It's like your in a restaurant and you are eating your nachos etc waiting for the main course all you can think about is that dessert like Chili's White molten cake ... mmmm...

You want that dessert!

So you blaze thru the meal and ask for the dessert! heck I do that sometimes.

lesson from that?

I got what I wanted? You? Oh your still eating the main course aite that cool.

Almost almost same concept there =).

Here is one reasons why people rush to 80

Speed runners by nature - They do it for the challenge. Period. Leveling is just fun for these people.

My experience

LoTRO, I have 2 lvl 50s. Each of them leveled pretty quick especially my 2nd toon. I called it quits when it was time for endgame. I was more into the leveling and seeing lore/content. And i did finish all books on both of those toons =). I got my money's worth and bailed when I saw all the content from 1-50 ... twice.

When I reactivated my account in WoW back in March 07 I blazed thru the levels 61-70 about 2 weeks of playing with school/work. At the same time completing aton of quest. I only missed Blades Edge and a couple of zones for the Loremaster achievement when 3.0 came out as proof ... alot faster when I just started playing WoW.

I leveled fast and at the same time I enjoyed the content. Yes people actually experience/do this so take a seat!

I'm not bragging that I'm a fast leveler. I'm just saying that I do experience the content that some people are saying to savor rather than waste it away! So please don't throw the content excuse at least on me =)

I will rush to Lvl 80 on my main while getting as much quest done to enjoy how the story develops.

Once I start leveling up my alt I won't rush to 80 although if I'm going the quest route I'll still hit the cap in a decent time w/o even trying so I am rushing but not really knowing that I am ... get it? Did I suddenly waste the content?

If you want to level taking your time, savoring every quest moment, immerse yourself in the new zones more power to ya. I hope you have fun.

Don't be quick to say we are greedy, no-lifers, hardcore punks. We have feelings too you know?

To each his own and I plan on hitting 80 before next Saturday if not I seriously fail at leveling ffs im Asian! We have an innate ability +10 leveling skill, +10 grinding skill, +10 focus staring at screen for 6 hours.

Whatever your plans is I wish you good luck, play the game the way you want and enjoy while doing it.

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