Thursday, November 6, 2008

Patch 3.0.3 Warrior changes and "Ninja Fixes"

There have been some nice changes last Tuesday's patch. I'll name a few

Titan's Grip: Changed to 5% penalty

Really nice buff here. It really sucked when you have full rage only to miss and miss and miss. Would this be penalty be upped again? Prolly but not in a few months when warrior's gear breaks the "barrier" where we become OP again.

Bloodthirst: Cooldown reduced to 5 sec.Percentage of damage from attack power raised from 45% to 50%.

Blizzard mentioned they knew we were complaining we didn't have much skills to dump our rage during rotations. So instead of giving us one they just buffed this talent which is not too shabby.

Sudden Death: Now has 3/6/9% chance on hit instead of 10/20/30% chance on crit.

Not really surprised here. A needed change so warriors won't shun away swords and maces and prevent them from stacking crit.

Now for the Ninja fixes that is not listed on the patch notes.

They have "fixed" deepwounds. Previously when you crit offhand, causing deepwound,s the %dmg it does is based on your main hand. Now it's working as intended /shrug. They also changed the % of how much weapon base it takes now ... not sure I gotta read up more on it.

This makes Herc a sad panda. After regemming and enchanting 3 weapons mongoose ... aarggghhhh. I was still doing 2600 dps but meh I want my 3kdps back dammit!

It's still a good source of dmg around 10-11% of my total dmg but not nowhere near the 28-30% mark /sad.

On the other hand the 4pc bonus of t6 will be useful =). Blood thirst used to be around 9-10% of my total dmg last week. This week it was around 13-15%.

Man do you love this roller coaster ride that blizz has put us in or what!


Darraxus said...

To be honest, I havent yet tried out fury or arms since the new patch. I have been all about the tanking since they made aoe tanking easy for warriors.

Chad S. said...

I think it sucks when one patch causes people to gem/enchant/gear one way, only to have things switched.

Nothing you can do, and the change is for the best in the long run (assumedly) - but still =(

Herc said...

no kidding chad >_<
I bought those large brilliant shards when they were around 16g ... now theyre at 5-8g /facepalm.

At least I did not spent 150 badges for the badge Axe just to get sudden death more proc. Still a good weapon but the reason if I bought it in the first place is gone.