Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Heroic The Culling of Stratholme Tips

This is the new instance which can be found at Caverns of time.

When done in Heroic mode this place is like the ZA time event. Where if you clear this instance in 25 minutes you get a mount at the end. I know a couple of our guildies has this already.

My favorite part is where Arthas bitch slapped one of the citizens. Bad part is you gotta wait about 5 minutes for the dialogue to be over with ... hopefully in the future they implement a skip button.

I''ve cleared this place about 4 times on Heroic and here are some info/tips I can share:

Lot's of chain pulls, not enough time to regen. Mobs keeps spawning.

Aboms hits for a shit ton and Ghouls hits hard and they Enrage when their health is low. So when you have 2-3 ghouls on you and they are being Aoed ... yeah careful.

Drakonoids on the way to the 3rd boss has packs of 3-4 mobs. You don't actually pull them. They spawn.

Gauntlet on the way to Malganis can be mana intensive for you healer.

Here is what I did to help my group:

It is highly advisable to CC one or two mobs. Anything to help your healer out.

When dealing with 3-4 Packs bunched up.

I start with Tclap followed by a shockwave. If i know there are 3-4 melee who hits hard I use shield block and demo. Hopefully by the time my shield block expires one mob is already dead.

Sometimes I ask for an HOJ after my shockwave is done

On my first few runs I had to use fears on the drakonoids. They just hit to hard for me back then.

Use cooldowns! Don't be shy in using Shield wall, last stand, and trinket. Help your healer out. I use one of these cooldowns on trash too simply because wiping just demoralizes the groups so I just use it.

Spell Reflect! If you have the imp spell reflect this is a life saver. One it helps out on healing and two more aggro. You can also charge the caster, shield bash then reposition the packs that are on you if spell reflect is down.

*note there is a mob in Heroic Ank Old kingdom which cast Shadow blast. If you spell reflect this it comes back to that mob for 50,000 Shadow dmg.

This is pretty basic but wait for your healers especially in this instance. They can go oom pretty quickly here cause of the nature of the pulls.

Of course you can ignore all this if your overgeared for the instance =P.

My main reason for running this instance is the shield ^_^. Pretty nice shield with some lore in it. Mount would be nice but I prolly won't do mount runs till everyone is geared up.

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Darraxus said...

This is the 80 instance I have been looking forward to the most.