Friday, October 17, 2008

Warriors in 3.0

Been playing the standard dual wield 1handers fury spec and even after the patch I'm still using dual wield 1handers. My dps did go up a little ... but not compared to Arms. I'm not calling a nerf to Arms but holy deep wounds batman I saw one of those tick for 1k ... 1k let that sink in ur thoughts for a sec. K done? With overpower and executes proccing here and there yeah gg ... I thought they eliminated mace stun cause of RNG >_> anyway this is better imo.

My suggestions for fury

Buff Bloodsurge - It has been suggeted all over the internetz that make this talent proc off any yellow attack crit or make it a 100% guaranntee to proc on Bloodthirst. Also please give Fury warriors more buttons to push ... - Like my other fellow fury warriors, complaints about the rotation being boring especially now we don't have to watch for Rampage(oh noes 5 sec left i have to crit and push a button!)

I will try Arms though this weekend for some BG/Arena fun. Raid wise though I will definetly go Arms pve spec next time we raid unless we don't have a feral druid so I can keep rampage up.

Yes Yes I know it will be balance out at lvl 80 well sorta. Arms warriors are doing around 5kdps in beta naxx atm. If this keeps up then I will have to make the switch permanent cause I really don't wanna gimp myself for the raid.

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