Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Kil'Jaeden = DEAD

Burning Crusade content is cleared! This is alot better ending than what happened before expansion pre-bc where we got up to Khel'Thuzzad but never downed him. It would have been sweeter to kill him pre-patch and killing him at this state is really nothing to brag about but I'll take the achievement anyway thank you very much and being 3rd in the server well I'll just ^_^ about that.
We started late around 8:30 then took another 30 minutes to do some dry runs for positioning. We got him down below 10% twice but somehow people are dying ... Raid was scheduled to stop at 12 midnight but we all knew we can make the kill last night. So we sucked it up and got the kill before 1am heck even the wife stayed up late to watch the kill.
Gratz to Kauzstecks(sp?) for the Legendary Bow! Welcome to the Orange Club bro! Grats to Elgro for the helm and Yeitah for the Gloves.

Look at the DPS meter. Of course hunters and the retadin are doing sick dmg but do you see all the Arms warriors up there? LOLWHUT? It's crazy how blizzard made a 360 degree turn on where Arms was on raid. All 3 of us were doing 2k-2100 dps on the last few attempts.

So what do we do from here? Well like my GM said last night hopefully this was not our last raid. We will continue to do raids as long as people show up to get some upgrades/complete sets. WE will prolly be doing Sunwell tonight hopefully clear all the way to KJ again then beat up BT for legendary weapons then call it good for the week. That sounds like a plan to me.


ArmsandFury said...

Grats on KJ!

I hope to see endgame this time around since my boy is now 2 years old :)

Herc said...

TY! Oh man thanks for reminding me of what will happen when we do get a baby on the way, fun times. I got a place for the crib in our computer room =)