Thursday, October 23, 2008

LF buttons to spam for 3kDPS PST ...

Last night I started with my 53/8 Arms spec but ... using MH Warglaive and Muramusa for offhand, it was doing ok but here are the problems I ran into:

1. If I hit a window where Sudden Death or Taste of Blood doesn't proc I'm stuck with spamming Mortal Strike or Heroic Strike or I just rage starve myself. *Note I didnt have the heroic strike glyph at this point.

2. I couldnt decide on what rotations to use. When I was using 2H I do rend->ms->slam(till MS is up) If OP or execute lits up they are my priority with execute>op. Now dual wielding with this spec felt kinda weird. I wanna incorporate Heroic Strike but I just got lost. Granted this was my first time last night.

3. My deepwounds wouldnt roll high as I would like them to. I think my highest was only 1k tick. So pretty weak imo.

4. My dps was fluctuating it was sometimes 100-200 dps lower when using my 2H with 53/8 which is around 1600-1800 on trash. On boss I didn't even dare cause I know it was slightly lower using 2H. I just use my 2H on bosses i got around 1800-2k dps so it's still good.

My friend steve was rolling with 15/46/0 Fury. He was breaking 3kdps from time to time. He has the same spec with the guys who broke 3.5k-4kdps. I checked recount and Heroic Strikes and Deep wounds were 2 of his DPS sources. He said he was just spamming HS. He's deepwounds was rolling around 3400 at one point in KJ later. Pretty beast. So I decided to respec fury after Felmyst but this time ...

I went with 15/38/8. Speccing Incite and grabbing the Heroic glyph from the bank. I didn't grab rampage cause I know steve had it. I also gemmed my stuff with 5str/5crit well some of them.

With this spec I was still using Warglaive for MH and Muramusa for OH. Again here were my observations

1. With Incite spec my Heroics Strike crit chance was around 55-60% add the glyph where I get 10 rage everytime I crit means my next Heroic strike cost 2 rage(I spec Imp HS) and then I just spam it. Is this sick or what?

2. DPS was better but I coudln't break the 2kdps mark. I broke 2100 dps mark with 2H 53/8/0 spec and I know I got better weapons with DW so I wanna break that mark.

3. Deepwounds Tick stuck around 1400 dmg ... I know rolling deepwounds is the key in breaking the 3kdps mark. So I needed a way to make this tick harder.

4. Everytime Steve dies I get crit starve and rage starve. He's specced rampage which gives the raid 5% crit. Amazing how 5% crit can do to your spec.

After the first wipe on Muru I switched my offhand and was using Swift Steel Bludgeon(sp?). This weapon has no enchant at all ... I just happened to have this in bag for arenas when i switch to shield and board. Reason for testing this weapon's speed is me hoping to get more hits in before Deep wounds expire to stack it and spamming HS till my hearths content.

Again same spec but a faster, lower dps, lower damage range, no enchant offhand. Here again are the observation

1. My deepwounds highest tick for the night was 2400. New record for me! I know I can get this higher with the right gear, gems, enchant. It's not nowhere near as steve's 3400 tick but hey ill take it. I guess me taking a chance on a LOL weapon compare to what i was using paid off.

Now I would imagine If I had mongoose enchant on the swifty mace it would tick alot higher. It just sucks that I just enchanted mongoose on my Muramusa >_<.

2. I broke 2200 dps mark on KJ. I was jusn't expecting it using an inferior mace.

3. Whenever steve dies, my dps goes down. Same issue. Don't die plz.

My homework:

A.) Stack more Crit and haste. Evaluate my gear to see what areas I can sacrifice for more Crit and haste. I'll start looking at my hit rating and AP see if I can swap things out.

B.) I need to ask the warriors who has been doing this incite spec their rotations. Because I was just basically spamming Heroics strikes and hit BS and WW when its up, no kidding really I spammed my way to 2200 DPS. Now I know how it fees to be like a lock in raid spamming haha <3.>

I have to remember that the warriors doing 3.5k-4kDPs gear are way way way way better than mine and their stats are just fucking beast. So me expecting the same results with my gear is just insanity. The goal of all these testing is to see how much dps i can pump out with my current gear.

*NOTE I will post SS of Recount later this afternoon. All the SS are at my PC at home.

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