Thursday, October 30, 2008

Help! Prepartions for Wrath ... what to do.

Well Sunwell and BT is cleared and it looks like I got time to do some other important endeavors. There's so much needed to be done! First problem


I have been using the Recruit-A-Friend program. In the process I made these toons on my account.

Lvl 60 Druid, 60 Warlock, lvl 23 soon to be Lvl 60 Pally and lvl 7 soon to be Lvl 60 Priest via granting levels.

On my wife's account she has lvl 60 Shaman, lvl 60 Rogue, lvl 60 Druid, lvl 23 Mage, and a lvl 7 Warlock

IF I want to right now I can ding my pally and priest to 60 in a blink of an eye but I think I'm clinging to the idea that I might pull off another 60 mage in there ... am I greedy or what?

My original plan was to ding both pally/mage to 30 then the priest/warlock to 30. Then I'll use the levels from the mage and warlock to level my mage from lvl 1 to lvl 30 then give the rest of the 30 levels from one of the other 60s .... so in the end I get 5 lvl 60s and my wife gets 3 lvl 60 and 2 lvl 30s. I need to decide what I want to do because RAF ends at Nov 11.

Frankly I dunno if I can do it, but thinking about those wasted levels to be granted aarrghhh .... at the same time, there are other stuff I need to do like

Work on Achievements

Quest achievements - this is a big one, I'm into quest and the lore. I only need a couple quest on some zones in Outlands to get the loremaster Achievement but I can't find anymore quest ... yet

Heroic 5mans achievement - I haven't done some of the dungeons and I didn't even get credits for the ones I did. Badges ain't bad either.

Reputations - I still need Shatar, Lower city, Caverns of time and Cenarion Exalted Rep(Wow Herc isn't that everything? lawl). I'm almost exalted with Cenarion so I'll get that one first cause I get the title and get the 15 exalted achievement at the same time.

PVP achievements - my guild has been grabbing some hard ones last weekend like AV perfection, AV blitz w/e. I want to do some before the gear reset.

Level up Cooking/Fishing

Right now its stuck at 166 for both since november 2006. I want to level this up to be self sufficient and make some money at the same time.

Clean up my bag, bank, bank alts

WTB 20slot bags in xpac. I gotta do some cleaning. I want my bags to have as many slots as possible when I start questing in Northrend.

Liquiditate liquidate liquidate

This is really tough with the rest of the server doing the same thing. I'll just hang onto the materials that will be needed for powerleveling a profession (bars, herbs, gems, leather and enchant mats) and dump the ones which prolly won't be any use to lvl 80 like marks of illidar, signets and stuff.

Level Druid to 70 and max his proffesions

I decided he will be my alt and take up enchanting and mining(my poor alchemy/herb hunter who's lvl 61 /cry). I'm not sure if I can max his proffesions. I just want him to get to 70 seeing that guilds still need healers and I decided to put the sword down and put on the robe ... lolwhut? I know that was horrible.


Holy crap that's alot of stuff to do. I need to prioritize which ones I want, see if my expectations are realistic, sort out time/reward effort and then do it. My guild won't be doing any mandatory raids a week before Wrath hits to get our raiders some time to take care of stuff or maybe just take a break.

Next week I'll post what I got done and have failed to hold myself accountable.

Are you ready for Wrath? What have you done to prepare your toons? alts?


Darraxus said...

I used RAF to level a Rogue and Druid to 60 then granted the extra levels to my Hunter. I then transfered the Rogue to my main account and closed the other one. Ill use that one for my fiance if she ever comes around on WoW.

Herc said...

Have faith! I can't transfer my wife's character she will kill me plus I don't have enough room I only got 1 or 2 slots now for a DK and a mage if I delete my rogue.

ArmsandFury said...

An answer on alt names :)

Kelmar is my only original Alliance toon left. I played him excusively through Vanilla WoW through Naxx into BC.

I leveled him to 70 first. Problem is... I leveled him to 70 in a month while trying to lead a guild. Quit playing for 3 months and rerolled Horde to play by myself.

I have some alts just 3 70s 2 warrior and a Druid. The rest are just me learning classes or goofing off :)

Unless they are above 40, they get randomly deleted.