Monday, October 20, 2008

Oppurtunity Cost

I and the wifey are using Recruite-A-Friend program to make a bunch of toons. First run we made a shaman/warlock combo with a rogue. Now they're are all lvl 60. We also made druids both 55 now. When these druids hit 60 I now have 90 levels to give to my toons. K lets stop for a sec so we can see my options.

I can

a. Level a toon 1-60 and another toon 1-30 instantly = 1 lvl 60, 1 30

b. Level a toon 1-60 instantly, level another toon to 30 then give him the 30 levels to make him 60 = 2 lvl 60s

c. Level 3 toons to lvl 30 and then give each of them the last 30 levels = 3 lvl 60s

My RAF bonus expires at Nov 11. Wotlk comes out Nov 13. See the problem here? I want to finish a bunch of achievements on my main before Expac comes out but I want to take advantage of this RAF program while I still have it so when the time comes I wanna level another alt I don't have to start at lvl 1 with the normal leveling pace up to lvl 80. Hmmm. what to do what to do. I will most likely have a Pally then a Priest then if I manage to do option c it will be a Mage. =)

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