Friday, October 17, 2008

3.0 for raiding guilds

Last night we got Twins(SS) and Muru(another SS!) down for the 1st time. We weren't expecting to down Muru at all last night ... so when we got to Kiljaeden the first few minutes in vent were "oh ok i guess thats bad", "hmm i guess we better stay away from that", "wow wtf happened?". Wiping on a new boss for the first time as a guild is certainly fun and one of the few times where if u messed up and run around like a noob is certainly ok and sometimes hilarious. So as it stands killing KJ or clearing The Burning Crusade (I like the latter) is in the horizon and only a matter of weeks if not days.

But some of u might say "but u guys did it after nerf lolz l2p" well ... a cleared content is a cleared content =). At least we got to see the final boss in BC if anything. I can also imagine what this patch did for other raiding guilds. Guilds are taking bosses down left and right from Archimonde to Illidan to KJ. I really like the nerf. From a developer/designers perspective what good are boss fights/instances I designed if only less than 1% of the population will see it(like what happened to Naxx sadly). Don't get me wrong there are bosses out there where HP nerf barely matters because its more of a coordination fight(felmyst and twins comes to mind) but I really appreciate this move to let more people see the content Ty Blizz!

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