Friday, October 24, 2008

BT Drive IN ... may I take your order?

Like most of the WOW blogging community I'm here to post our first night on BT after Patch 3.0. I'll post meaty stuff after this.

Najentus ~ 25% after the first Bubble. he died shortly after
Supremus ~ We just went straight to him. Didn't bother to clear Trash. When he reached Phase 2 he was dead after 10-15 sec
Akama ~ LOL
Teron ~ I broke 3k dps yay for me! He didnt get to cast his 2nd curse.
Bloodboil ~ People still died but we got the kill anyway
ROS ~ I was pullng 2900 DPS on this one. Hilarious!
Mother Sharaz ~ They told us don't wear SR gear if you want. F that I dont wanna die! I put on 2-3 SR gear and I still pulled 2800 dps
Council ~ We wiped /sigh like 2-3 times on the pull. I died like a nub on the Consecrate .... at 98%! I got the helm though!
Illidan ~ he never went to Demon form and was alot easier than council.

This drive in loot took 2 hours. Next post is about my test on my specs ^_^

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