Friday, October 24, 2008

Personal DPS breakthroughs ... what's next

Ok so last time I mentioned I was going to try 15/46/0 Fury with Deep wounds. I didn't get a chance to try it last night because we had a feral druid so I thought I can get away with my 15/38/8 Fury with Deepwounds and Incite spec.

To recap my spec is 15/38/8. 3/3 Deep Wounds on Arms, 3/5 on Imp Berserk and I didn't get Rampage. 8 points in Prot to get Incite +15% crit on HS, Tclap, and Cleave. I have a mix of BT/S4 and 2 tokens from Sunwell. Dual wielding Warglaive for MH and Swiftstell Bludgeon on my OH. Read here why I chose the offhand.

I am very pleased with the results I have gotten. Yesterday I posted I broke 2200 DPS and max deep wound tick is 2400 damage this is boring for some of my readers but hey that was my record haha.

Last night here was my highest dps during KJ attempts

I broke 2400 dps! Cairnexus is Steve btwy if you read my last post about warrior dps. He is specced 15/46/0 and is a beast on the meters he broke 3500 dps last night lolwhut?

And my highest deep wound tick ....

Max 3849 Dmg Tick ^_^. I'm slowly getting up there with the Big boys not quite yet but I'm on the right track.

Let's stop and check what else is going on there.

1. Do you see whats the % of HS? I was spamming it like shadowbolts haha <3.

2. No executes on the chart. We didnt get him to 20% the time I took SS. I'm curious if it will up my dps to spam HS and executes(both rage dumps so really risky being rage starve) or I'm better off sticking with my HS spams. We'll see on Sunday.

3. Deep wounds is a big part of my DPS, close to 30%. Fast offhand ftw?

What did I do different from the other night?

a.) Well I got a new helm from Illidari council from the last time I recorded my data. I replaced my S4 helm with it no meta gem bonus though on both.

b.) I also regemmed some of my 10str to 5str/crit. I wanted to replace more but I might get new gloves, belt or gasp... shoulders and legs? gloves and belt sounds more realistic due to the line ahead of me.

c.) I used sharpening stones on both of my weapons +14crit on each weapon +12 dmg(I'm not sure about this one).

d.) We had a feral druid who kept mangle up. Really nice boost to Deep Wounds.

Again the purpose of this spec is to crit as much as you can and as fast as you can to keep deep wounds rolling. I keep repeating this because this is a new school of thought for warriors that I have to remind myself everynow and then.

I'm not sure if this is everything that contributed for the 200+dps increase and the +1400dmg on Deep wounds. But this is all I can think of for now. Now I want to do more ... am I greedy or what? It's me being competitive I guess and the pleasures and pains of experimenting gear and specs is what drives me. Did I mentioned it's fun?

My Homework:

1. Enchant my offhand *edit I just did last night after raid with mongoose.

2. Decide what I want to do with Sunmotes when it's my turn. I want the leather gloves but the plate gloves is also tempting hmmm.... any suggestions?

3. Need more haste and crit .... yeah ...

4. I'd like to try 53/8 with my new bracers, boots and helm see what numbrs I come up with a new weapon would be awesome. And eventually 15/46/0.

If you want to try this spec and have any question or you have any suggestions please feel free to comment or stop by Eredar server to say whats up.


If you want to try this spec with incite IT IS HIGHLY ADVISABLE you have a feral druid in the raid or another fury warrior with rampage. 5% crit is alot especially if your spec is highly dependent on that stat.

Also you want to have near if not over 60% crit on Heroic strikes or else you will just be disappointed.

Arms spec is more forgiving if you don't have the right gear. I'm a big fan of fury that's why I don't stick to Arms spec for now so please attempt at your own risk with this spec(15/38/8). If you do decide gratz! Have fun!

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