Thursday, October 23, 2008

Not just another Sunwell night.

Nope. Last night I finally got some t6 tokens(boots and bracers!)from sunwell for dps =) making it my 4 piece bonus DPS set. But I only see three hercy poo! Well my 4th one is the helm but I'm wearing S4 helm to stack up on crit to see how well I roll those deep wounds better I'll definitely try the 4 piece bonus. T6 tier pieces from Sunwell as you know are ridiculously good. Each of those 2 pieces gave at least 30 dps increase ...
Anyway so we started late again .... see a trend here? We got disconnected while fighting Kalegcos got him the 2nd time. As we wer fighting Brutallus we got DC again ... this time our server got greyed out ... lol? We came back and beat his ass. Muru took 2-3 attempts we had problems timing killing Muru and Sentinels but in the end we were the victor! Got to KJ before 12 so were feeling pretty good despite the late start and all the DCs. Sadly we couldn't get the kill >_> People are still killing each other with Fireblooms! /sigh We'll do BT first tonight(our GM won't be on till 10) then well finish our business with KJ.


ArmsandFury said...

Grats on the tokens bro!

Herc said...

Ty ty

I'll post what happened to my "testings" last night sometime today. Things went unexpectedly well and not so well during the swapping of specs and weapons.

Thanks for the linkage from your blog btwy