Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Warrior DPS spec's and Deepwounds

Information here is nothing new I'm just trying to get all the information I have absorbed in the past few days and try to make some sense with it however feel free to read thru.

Browsing thru the websites(tankspot and elitist jerks) these are the specs that are working right now for warriors PVE wise.

Arm 53/8/0 - Heavy reliance on RNG. You specc ToB to get Sudden to proc, thats your goal. This is usually done with 2H but I have seen alot of people doing it with 2 1hs.

Fury 15/46/0 - Get deep wounds in arms and put eveything in Fury. You don't have to get rampage if there is a feral druid in the raid.

Fury 15/38/8 - Speccing Incite and deep wounds then put everything in Fury. I'll skip rampage and bloodsurge. Reason for incite will be discussed soon.

All of these specs are viable and with sunwell/bt gear will do awesome. The reports of warriors doing 3.5k-4k dps on bosses ... got most of their damage from Deep Wounds.

If you don't know by now. Deep wounds mechanic has been changed they made so we can "roll" deep wounds and they will keep stacking as long as you crit while deep wounds is active. That's why you see screenshots of deepwounds doing 1,500-10,000 per tick(I just saw someone who had 11k tick deep wounds... lolwhut?).

What does it mean for me? I realize I need a new school of thought. So here's what I've gathered so far on what I need to do.

1. Stack crit and haste to take advantage of Deep wounds and it helps if I'm arms spec(read upcoming changes below). I need a plan to regem my stuff I don't want to blindly regem everything. I might need to switch some gears out to get some decent crit and haste rating.

Don't get so much crit that you will sacrifice AP, if you do that you'll hit like a pansy.

2. I realize Arms still the way to go with all the reports and testings. Succesful Fury dps breaking the 3500-4k mark usually uses dual glaives and are really really geared. I'm not that geared from sunwell so I might stick to arms. I also need a fast offhand if I'm going with dual 1hs arms or fury.

3. Do some test on my own. I will try all the 3 specs I mentioned. Next on my list is Arms dual wielding 1hs and Fury with incite spec. I'll make some post and provide SS next time.

Upcoming Changes in Patch 3.0.3

Sudden proc will no longer be 30% chance on crit rather it will be 10% chance on hit. They made this change because blizzard wants to see warriors using swords and maces and prevent people on just stacking crit.

Things to watch for ....

As always prepare for changes don't overcommit to a spec but believe me I understand min/max.

As it stands right now if specced/gemmed/enchanted right deepwounds is something to really think about if you want to up your dps. Expect nerf(fix?) on deepwounds in the near future if this keeps up.

If you want to study more I suggest going to Tankspot or elitist jerks forum or hey do some test on your own.

Comments and suggestions are always welcomed!

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