Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Raid Update, Builds Test, Dps Pewpewpew

Hi! How was your Raid last night? I hope it went well and everybody progressed.

Last night we started sunwell around 8. Our GM was really really really pissy last night cause KJ rotted last week. He told us 3 strikes and were out of the raid if its a big one you are out of the Guild, whoaa ...

My build last night was 15/46/0. I got rampage with 3/3 Intensify rage with zero points in Bloodsurge cause it sucks ... really really bad and maybe made up 3% of my total dmg. I also specced Rampage even though we had a feral druid in the raid.

My thoughts on this spec:

My dmg output is higher but I wanna do more test because I'm arrogant like that. Typically I can use death wish and sometimes recklessness twice which is always good. I try to time the 2nd Deathwish when they are about to call Bloodlust.

My ability rotations are

Heroic Strike(HS) spam while using BT and whirlwind when they are available. That's it =). It is ALOT easier than my old rotation but I'm putting out more dmg ... weird huh? I'm sorry fellow dps warriors for calling us out like that >_<.

Of course its the little details that separates a good warrior from a bad one. You can use recklessness + execute combo but remember they changed reck to crits to your 3 next yellow attacks. Something to think about. BT or execute be sure not to waste it.

On the last 20%, I made Execute my priority which at the end of the fight made up around 8-11% of my total dmg. Not bad when I only used it that late in the fight. Highly suggest you should only be hitting BT, execute and sometimes HS during the last 20%. Whirlwind will eat your rage if you use it.

Ok moving on. This is how our Sunwell raid went

Kalecgos - 1 shot him. I got my 2nd t6 bracer tokens. YAY for tanking!

Brutallus - 1 shot and here is why I smiled at the end =). 3211 DPS PZ. First for me in Brutallus. Photobucket

Felmyst - We wiped like 3 times ... I know lol. Our GM read the breath wrong I think so we wiped on those. Last wiped same thing happen but this time people were slow to move he let it go cause he owes us 2 strikes =P.

Twins - One shot. Herc has a new purplz weapon! Best offhand in the game(for 2 weeks lolol) for me other than the offhand Warglaive.
My only gripe is this is the 3rd weapon I enchanted Mongoose in 2 weeks! Greater Planar essence is not cheap in my server >_<. I've made alot of money selling enchant mats in the past week since people has been getting new gear but I shorted myself some Greater Planar Essence /sigh.

Muru - 2 Shot heh was easy enough.

We took a 20 min break to get our new shiny stuff some enchants and another 15-20 explaining some new strats not fun but I had to pay attention.

Kil'Jaeden - One shot. After wiping on him for a week after the first kill ... I guess everybody brought their A game in fear of getting replaced.

Lastly I broke another one of my record during KJ. New Max Deep Wounds Record Photobucket

4910 Deep Wounds(DW) Tick, yummy. One thing though is my average deep wound tick is kinda low which I guess is ok for now since DW was 30% of my total dmg. I didn't break 2500 though like I did the other night, I think it's because sunders was not up all the time as tanks were busy controlling the adds.

This will prolly my last post about Sunwell Raid unless for some miracle I break 3500 dps on Brut or KJ, my max deep wounds break 6-7k Mark, I get pauldrons of berserking or fel legplates =).

We only have BT left and that will only last less than 2 hours after that I got other stuff to do and it's only Wed. So expect some Achievement, Alts or thoughts about raiding in the next few days.

Happy Raiding tonight!


Chad S. said...

Interesting stuff. I've never had the drive to DPS on my warrior, but its fun to hear about that side of my class. Those are some impressive records, and of course, one shot KJ is awesomesauce.

Herc said...

I'm thinking if I made a mistake making the plate gloves instead of the leather ones ....

Yes Gloves of Immortal dusk is a lot more dps. I think the cost though drove me away especially with wrath creeping around the corner.

I like my plate gloves cause it matches my boots and maybe just maybe some legs, belt or shoulders.