Monday, October 20, 2008

Achievements, Hallowed Ends, Reputations

Friday night did some BGs with guildies. We did Warsong and we decided to get the achievement Not in my house where you kill the FC before they leave your Flagroom. Other people were getting pissy at us for not going on offense but w/e we want our achievement! I didn't win AV so I'm not surprised really. After that me and the wifey leveled our druids got them to 51 woot HELLO UNGURO!

It's Hallowed End time! Made a group to do Headless Hourseman Saturday and Sunday morning and we got the same rings over and over ... no mount or non combat pet /sigh I'll try again tonight.

Saturday night me and the wife did more leveling but when I was on my alt my guild killed Prophet Velen of Exodar (lolwut?). Yup you snooze you lose i guess =/. We tried going for Tyrande in Darnassus but Alliance got the memo >_>.

oh yeah btw before i forget a Recruit-A-Friend tip from me to you
If you go to inns and grab some candy from the pumpkin with your leveling buddy you get a decent xp =) (remeber no more triple xp when ur above lvl 60). I got a level on both of my toons just by visiting inns in Kalimdor.

Sunday morning I did a bunch of achievements and getting some Reputations to exalted here are some of them .....

Classic Raider achievement- check
ZG Exalted - check
Cenarion Circle Exalted - check
Masquarade Achievement - check
Visit all inns at Kalimdor - check

I have Tedrasil left to explore in Kalimdor I'm just afraid of those lvl 75 and lvl ?? guards in Darnassus ... can't wait to explore Eastern Kingdoms!

Sunday night we made a bunch of attempts on KJ. Raid leader called it early seeing we need a new strat on how to handle the clusterfuck, props on him. Read my post below regarding my thoughts on raiding as arms/fury.

I didn't get to test Arms pvp wise as much as I would like. I was caught up on leveling alts and doing achievements.

Overall productive WOW weekend for me and the wife. Nothing much else to say but we most certainly enjoyed our weekend. PZ

P.S. Sorry about the post being unorganized

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