Monday, October 20, 2008

Making the switch Fury -> Arms

I did it last night in between attempts on Kil'Jaeden. I was doing fine as a 1h dw fury but it just seemed I coudln't go above 1300-1400dps consistenly on kj. What really pushed me to try arms was I was hovering around 9th-10th spot in dps but my fellow warrior who is Arms can go anywhere from 3rd-6th. So hey rather than risk getting replaced I specced arms and wow even with my mace spec I had

7600+ execute(lolwhut?)
1100 Deep Wounds tick .... can u say OP?

I was able to pull 1700-1800 dps as Arms at the end in the last 2 attempts where I started to get the hang of the rotation. Speaking of which ... there is no rotation for arms pve it's just a priority of which talents to use if its up due to the RNG nature of the spec.

Why is this late that I changed spec? Well prolly because I'm using a Warglaive and Muramusa as my 1h weapons =/ I couldn't let go of my leet weapon but due to the patch changes looks like I have to go Arms to maximize my toon and do my best for the raid.

One theory I think why Fury is lagging now is prolly due to the change of how Rampage works and how buffs are not stacking anymore as a 3.0 1h Fury warrior, raid buffed, I can't break 4-5k AP like I did before so although my hits are still coming in fast it's not as furious as before.

If you have any suggestions on arms pve spec or fury spec feel free to say hi ingame or leave a comment.

Tomorrow when we have a fresh sunwell I'll post some SS of recount to do some analysis of how I use my GCD and abilities as Arms.

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