Monday, October 27, 2008

Herc Tanks Heroic Dungeons

Me and Heroics <_>

It's been months since I ran heroics. So me and my hunter friend decided to finish up Coilfang Heroic Dungeons. I started off with

LF Tank, Healer, DPS Heroics!

Surely enough we got the group. I was at the summoning stone and after 10 min ... I was still the only one at the Stone. WTF? It appears they are having fun zombieng it out. I told the rest of the guys if theyre are not here in 5 min we will look for another group. Surely enough I kicked 2 and the other dced.

So I spam again LF tanks and healers. Apparently we still couldnt find tanks so I decided hey I'll tank how bad could it be? We got a Resto Druid, rogue, and an spriest whos an alt of a friend. Now as we stroll to Zang this spriest pmed me.

Spriest: Hey herc, you tank spec now or what?

Me: LOL Hell no! I'll DPS tank this bitches

Spriest: You will get raped, it's still a heroic

Me: If it gets rough, I'll put on some tank gear. I'm 4/8 BT geared tank and I'm overgeard for this. I got this shit!

Spriest: You will still get crit to the face like a mofo

And here is where I think he was right =P

So we started with Slave Pens. I was thinking I was just going to wear my DPS gear and lol Blood thirst my way.

First pull ..... I saw my health drop below 50%. HOLY CRAP these guys hit hard while I'm on zerker stance /bonk. Oh boy. What seemed to be a cake in the walk in my head earlier looks like were headed thru the valley of death.

I started switching out some tank gear and eventually switching to my full Tank gear.

Here were the other things that was happening as we make our way to the bosses

1. Because I planned on battle/zerker stance my bars for defensive stance was messed up. So as the hunter kept pulling I was rearranging my bars. hah!

2. I remembered Shield Slam was trainable. So put that in there. I'm missing something ... oh yeah taunt. Where the hell is my sunder button?

3. I'm using Brutalizer which I just received weeks ago but forgot my axe skill was 300. OOOPS! Now is not a good time to level that shit!

Eventually like riding a bike it all came back to me. Tanking was the reason why I started raiding pre-bc and the same reason why I got accepted into my current raiding guild when I came back in the game. Due to the amount of tanks we had I switched to DPS because I wanted to raid and now I'm all into PEWPEW and all but tanking reminds me of the days.

Anyway by the time 2nd boss is down I got the hang of it and we finished it with 1 wipe after the rogue dced.

Lesson of the day?
Yes me and the hunter was overgeared for heroics but I missed one key detail ... that the others were not or maybe that was me being arrogant that we can "carry" them. I quickly learned my lesson.

Group disbanded but we managed to find another group to finish Heroic Underbog. Got it done then went on 4manning Heroic SteamVaults(5th guy went afk after the first pull

Shout out to the healer in my group doing H SP. Sorry for putting you in a unnecessary stress there. But was that fun or what? =P

Coilfang Heroics = Check
CE Rep = 9k to go >_<

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I been there bro.

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