Friday, January 9, 2009

Ninja Raid IDs and Gaming updates

Well we killed 25man Malygos last night while waiting for other main raiders, nothing good drop(at least for me).

When it was time for 25man Sarth we encountered a problem regarding people zoning in different instances.

It looked like the game assigned Raid IDs to some players Wed night but it's not showing up. We are aware of the bug that you get saved to the instance if you kill a drake while doing Sartharion even if you first tagged the main boss.

After the 10th disband and reinvite we finally gave up .... arrghh! the players who kept zoning in on a different instance submitted tickets to GM and hopefully we can get some stuff done on Sunday and Monday.

Macross Frontier

Lately I have been watching the anime Macross Frontier. I'm really surprised I only saw this last week, I guess WoW can do that to you.

I'm a big fan of the original macross series(started watching when I was a kid back in 1998) so watching the first few episodes reminiscing how it went with the original series was nothing short of exciting.

I'm at episode 21 and right now things just got out of control, in a good way. The twist, love triangle and how the characters are growing are just spectacular. But with 4 episodes to go ... I'm kinda sad. I wish there were more cause I just can't get enough.

I first watch the original series because I love mech, fighter planes turning into robots is the shit. But now that I think about it, the thing that kept me watching was first and foremost the love triangle story then the dogfights followed by their colony's struggle for survival.

I'm going to watch the remaining 4 episodes tonight. Hopefully it ends it with a high note and I'm sure it will leave me longing for more. I might buy the Blu-ray collection, not sure yet though since it's already in my computer.

I highly recommend this series if your looking to find a good action/love story anime.

Left 4 Dead

I'm really excited about this game. It's about you and other 3 people/bots trying to survive and get out from the city that is infested with zombies. This game is focused on multiplayer. So it's going to be me and the wife or me and 3 other players online. There's also ala team deathmach mode where other players take the role as zombies and their goal is to eat your brains! Either way it should be fun times.

This game just shipped yesterday and I and the wife can't wait to play it. Should be here by Saturday so thats what we will be playing all weekend.

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