Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Why we fight

Recent discussion at Tobold was the question why Sartharion 3 Drake was unpopular

Common answers were (I summarized it)

Sartharion with 3 drake is not worth the effort, gold, time, learning curve, getting yelled at, frustration for getting those extra items.

This is actually true when you look at risk vs rewards but I'll elaborate later why we do it.

This is the hardest encounter ingame (excluding doing achievements like Immortal) but I guess you didn't know because you were too busy to whining how easy WoW 25man raiding is.

Some comments mentioned stopping at 2 drakes get those extra loots and just ditch the last drake for the mount.

If your guild can do 2 drakes chances are your pushing for 3 drake regardless of the risk vs reward factor. I don't personally buy it but I guess if you guild stops at 2 drakes /shrug thats how they roll.


It's not all about loot

I don't wanna come out like a self righteous prick. But really sometimes it's not about the loot.

Of course I raid because I want to see improvements on my character like getting purple pixels. I'm not gonna lie I want purplz too you know.

But I guess like most of my guildies I wanna put those Epics to use instead of just looking pretty at Dalaran.

What good are those epics that you looted off the easy 25man raids when you are not going to use every bit of stat that they have to its fullest?

We keep wiping the floor with Sartharion 3 drake because at the end of the day it's how we decide to play the game. We want to see progress, we want to beat this boss because we know we can do it.

My argument is give those same players who say they won't do 3 drake some sort of handicap to beat and they will gladly finish the encounter and complain that it was too easy and they were robbed off the true experience. WTF?

Also take note that most of the people that are saying 3 drakes are not worth are using the word I more. While people who attempts 3 drake usually have my guild, in our guild, and we more often =P.

What does this mean? I'll leave it up to you.

Are we being elitist? No were not it's just how we decided to play the game. Infact we believe all guilds should try 3 drake sartharion.

If you can't do 3 drake Sartharion don't hate and drive people off from doing it and at the same time labeling the ones who do as jerks or w/e.

This will all be trivial when Ulduar gear comes out so everyone will get to beat this encounter anyway sooner or later.


Darraxus said...

I dont really get all the whining myself. I havent even cleared Heroic Naxx yet (mainly due to the fact that we have to pug about a third), but for all intensive purposes, most people havent beaten Sartharion with 3d. Until you have done 1,2,and 3 drakes, you havent cleared all content.

Stoico aka Impadin said...

Some well spoken words. I especially like the part about they say I more, than we.

My personal view, is playing with friends, the challenge and the reward it is to finally get something down. Only thing I havent more or less one shotted yet is sath with drakes and Maly. Maly 25 is still to go. 10 man maly I got down after a night of wipes. And we where all happy actually have wiped nummerous times first. Nice to do that again. A kill means so much more all of a sudden.

Nice blog btw, gonna set it on my blog roll. Keep the post's coming.